IshRa to have a ‘past replay’ in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita and the family try to make Raman recalling the past, Raman falls unconscious. The family prays for Raman. Raman gets fine and reacts the same way like before. Ishita gets hopeful that Raman will recall the past soon. She understands she is going in the right direction and should proceed in enacting more of the old moments in front of Raman. Aaliya learns about Ishita’s plan working. She gets glad and hopeful that Raman will get fine. Parmeet tries to sink Aaliya in loans by gambling. Aaliya spends time taking care of the family. Aaliya wants Ishita to come back home.

Simmi learns Raman has gone to meet Mrs. Iyer. She gets angry on the office staff. Romi wants to stop Simmi from ruining Raman’s life. Simmi vents out anger by firing the employee. Simmi asks Raman to take the medicines on time. Raman agrees to her. Parmeet tells the family that Simmi is still missing Ananya and living in past. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to get Aaliya’s bangles so that he can make similar bangles for Simmi and surprise her on anniversary. Aaliya gets worried when she is asked for the bangles, which she gave to settle the loans. Parmeet wants Aaliya’s gambling truth to come out in front of the family.

Raman and Ruhi have a discussion about packaging products. Ruhi gets her tooth hurt. Raman worries for her. Raman takes Ruhi to Ishita’s clinic. He then gets to meet Ishita there. Ishita tries to make Raman remember the past. She treats Ruhi’s ache. Raman gets surprised knowing Ishita is a dentist too. Ishita and Ruhi’s moment triggers Raman’s memories. Ishita and Ruhi’s conversation makes Raman feel he has experienced the moment before. Ishita assures Ruhi that everything will get fine. She asks Raman to take care of Ruhi. Simmi gets worried on knowing about Raman and Ishita’s meet. Raman gets happy to have Ishita in his life. Simmi and Parmeet go a drama to show Ishita’s pictures to Raman. Simmi reveals to Raman that Ishita has killed Ananya. Raman breaks down on being pushed to recall the incident.


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