Rahul ploys to alter traditions in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Rahul comes up with a plan to find out the temple secret. There will be a high voltage drama. Rahul gets a big laddoo to create a stir. The suspense will get high. The temple has a tradition that the coin inside the laddoo will turn into gold. Rahul checks the laddoo to find if the coin really turned into gold. He finds out that the coin turned into a gold coin. He is trying to find out who has changed the coin. He was doubting on Pujari, and finds he is innocent. Pujari tells them that its done by Kaal Bhairav himself.

Rahul doesn’t believe that Lord can change the coin. He doesn’t want anyone to have blind beliefs. Rahul changes back the gold coin with an ordinary one. Pujari ji gets a shock seeing the plain coin. He cries as his expectations didn’t fulfill. He had a mannat and feels Lord is not favoring him. Rahul keeps an eye on Pujari to know who is behind spreading the false beliefs. Rahul hopes the culprit who has kept the gold coin will surely be known.


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