Preeto to realize her mistakes in Shakti


Preeto wanted to make Soumya out of the house. She has turned homeless because of her mistakes. Preeto pays for her bad doings. She has always done injustice with Soumya. She realizes her mistakes when she faces such a day in her life where she has to sit with the beggars at the temple and beg for food. Preeto gets helpless. She has made Soumya helpless to stay with kinners. Soumya reaches the temple and gives food to the beggars. Soumya makes a mannat to feed the poor and pray for Preeto. Preeto blesses Soumya, while hiding her identity.

Soumya senses Preeto and follows her. She gets to see Preeto and stops her. She says when a mum blesses a daughter, the emotions touch heart, I have identified you in the crowd. She tells about the mannat and is glad that her mannat got fulfilled. Harman asks Soumya to be with him. Soumya says we have got Preeto, we will take her home. Harman tells Soumya that Preeto has always cheated her, his mum has always held a hatred in heart for her. He asks Soumya to understand him. Preeto has hurt Harman’s heart by breaking his trust.

He tells Soumya that Preeto had enmity with her without any reason, she made her life bad, she should have given love but she gave tears. Soumya says even my dad couldn’t accept my truth, its not Preeto’s mistake. He doesn’t trust Preeto. Soumya says Preeto is your mum, whatever she did was not wrong, she has done right, she wanted your happiness. Varun, Surbhi and Biji also come to pray for Preeto. They see Soumya finding Preeto. They also try to offer support to Preeto. Harman is in no mood to take Preeto along. Soumya tries hard and also makes him swear on his mum. Harman doesn’t listen as his wounds are still fresh. Soumya convinces Preeto to go home. Preeto will be going back to Singh house, along with Soumya and Harman. Will Harman forgive Preeto seeing her state? Keep reading.


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