Ishqbaaz: Shivay takes a step to protect Tej

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to struggle further; A bad phase for Oberois

Shivay makes Shwetlana out of the house. Shwetlana blackmails him about the Kalyani mills fire incident evidence against Tej. She tells him that she has the video tape which can ruin the Oberois. Tej and Omkara get hell bent to throw Shwetlana out. Anika is sure that Shivay will solve the mess. Shwetlana presents the evidence against Tej. Shivay has belief in Tej. He worries that Tej can fall in trouble. He feels Shwetlana can’t proof anything by the half truth. She tells him that the tape is enough to get media attention and put Tej behind bars. She asks him to think about his family once. She wins again by making Shivay pay her a price. She keeps her demands and gets an entry home.

The family turns disappointed with Shivay. Omkara understands Shivay has a reason behind doing this. He supports Shivay, while Anika gets angered on him. Anika and Shwetlana have a cat fight. Shivay quietens Anika and sends her away. Shwetlana turns happy with Shivay’s support. The family doesn’t show any interest in living with Shwetlana.

Abhay confronts Shwetlana for hiding her revenge intentions from him. She tells him that she wants to ruin Oberois. Abhay asks Shwetlana what does she want. Shwetlana hurts him and reminds that she still has the tape. She blackmails Abhay too. He feels he did a mistake by agreeing to Shwetlana.

Anika turns much upset with Shivay. She refuses to listen to him. She asks him why did he shout on her in front of Shwetlana. He tries to talk to her. She asks him to tell her the reason behind getting Shwetlana home. He tells her that the thing is something that can’t be revealed. She feels he doesn’t trust her. Shivay tries to end the matter. Anika gets blasting anger on him. Shivay tells her that Shwetlana is blackmailing him, but he wants to sort the matter for the family’s sake.

He asks her to give him some time so that he can set things right for Omkara and Gauri. He wants to save Tej. Omkara asks Rudra to trust Shivay, he will make everything fine. Rudra thinks to do something to help his brothers. Shwetlana keeps a press conference at home. She gets insulting Gauri. She counts her favors on Gauri, done in the past. Anika and Bhavya take a stand for Gauri. Anika threatens and makes Shwetlana out of the kitchen. Shivay stops Shwetlana and Anika’s fight. Shivay saves Anika from Shwetlana’s attack. Anika gets insulting Shwetlana. He wants things to get peaceful. Anika gets ready to attend Shwetlana’s party with a plan. Anika, Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra make a plan to spoil Shwetlana’s party.


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