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Laado 2: Amma ji takes a stand for the girl, who was getting humiliated in front of the villagers. She shoots in the air and backs off all the evil men. She asks the villagers are they dummies to get numb and watch the evil doing happening in front of them. She challenges Balwant that she will not let him do more wrong with women in the village. Amma ji lends support to the girl. Balwant doesn’t pity women. Amma ji tries to fill sense in their minds. She stops the tortures on the girl. Balwant doesn’t know much about Amma ji. He feels his throne will get away. Amma ji doesn’t want any such bad incident to happen with anyone. She is regretful with what happened with Jhanvi.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan learns JD’s truth and gets a big shock. He gets depressed and goes with Uday. He wants to be alone for some time. Pankti gets worried for him. She tells Purva that she is afraid Ahaan can take any wrong step. She keeps calling Ahaan, wishing to talk to him once and explain the situation.


Bhavya gets informed that Rudra met with an accident. She worries for Rudra and meets him at the cafe, asking if he is fine. She tells him that Anika called her and gave her the bad news. Rudra turns rude towards her again. He asks her not to show concern, he knows its all her drama. Rudra and Bhavya have an argument. He fires her from the job and asks her to get lost. He tells her that he hates her. She tells him that she has forgotten everything just for him. She thanks him for proving her wrong again, since he just insults her all the time.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj gets angry on Devi, when she does something shocking. Devi has locked Maasa in the room. When Maasa shouts for help, Adhiraj runs to her to help. He gets free of his illusions and gets running to Maasa’s room to know the problem. He finds Maasa locked. He opens the door and gets in to ask Maasa who has done this. Maasa complains about Devi. He learns that Devi has locked Maasa and troubled her. Adhiraj catches Devi and scolds her. Devi tells him that she has done this by her plan, as she knows he loves Maasa a lot.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni gets Sanjana to Mata Rani and makes her take a vow that they will not bear injustice done by Anjali. Sanjana knows Anjali is doing bad with her. She feels bad that Anjali is acting and playing with every emotions. She tells Roshni that she can’t fall low like Anjali, she can’t lie to the family. She sees the family happy and tries to tell them the truth about Sahil. Roshni asks Sanjana to wait for another day and see their plan working. Roshni tells Sanjana that they have lie to bring out the truth, its written in Gita as well. Roshni and Sanjana have planned this move to make Anjali accept all her crimes. They get blessings from Mata Rani.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep feels Aarohi has tolerated everything and kept the seven vows of marriage. He thinks its time he should keep the marriage vows. Deep falls in love with Aarohi. Tara gets revengeful seeing Deep with Aarohi. She doesn’t want Aarohi to snatch her love. She thinks to remind Deep the vows he made to her. Tara doesn’t want to get cheated in love.


Soumya gets Preeto home. Preeto gets a shelter in kinner house. Preeto used to hate Soumya, as the latter is a kinner. She realizes Soumya is a good bahu to help her in tough time. Soumya wants to unite the family. Harman gets upset seeing Preeto. Soumya wants the differences between Preeto and Harman to end. Soumya knows they love each other a lot. She calms Harman’s anger. Harman tries avoiding Preeto. Soumya’s support will bring happiness in Preeto’s life again. Saaya doubts on Preeto’s intentions. Saaya thinks to find out if Preeti is doing a drama again.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni’s innocence is realized by everyone, except Parth. Teni was happy that Parth is not going away from the family. She didn’t know the misunderstandings will continue to hurt her. Parth looks forward to have his child. Parth doesn’t know about Teni’s bad condition.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Vin goes for the award ceremony, thinking the media will get new bytes and forget the police case. Vin gets depressed when media confronts him about Zai’s suicide again. Vin gets traumatized by the past happenings. Vin’s careless behavior upsets Manjiri. She prays that Vin gets someone in his life, who teaches him righteous living. Manjiri meets Siddhi, unknown of her identity. She finds Siddhi perfect to guide Vin and show him the right path.

Jiji Maa:
While Uttara instructs the choreographer to get two dancers and record a video for Vidhaan and Kaira’s rehearsals, the man seeks help from Suyash and Falguni. Falguni doesn’t know Suyash is Uttara’s elder son. Suyash is not aware that Uttara is the arrogant lady who is troubling Falguni since some days. Suyash gives tips to Falguni for taking a stand against the evil rich lady. He has no idea that Falguni is lending service in his house. Suyash and Falguni get together for the dance. They wear the mask, as per the dance theme. They fail to see each other. They get compliments to be perfect partners.


The villagers get against Mannu from becoming Sarpanch. Amba and Raj support Mannu. She wants Mannu to become sarpanch, when the panchayat elected her. Amba gets mistaken about Raj’s intentions again. She overhears Raj and Rohan’s conversation and gets thinking if Raj is planning to cheat Mannu again. Amba takes a step to secure her daughters from Bajwas. Raj makes a plan to win Amba’s trust. Raj finally convinces Amba that he has always loved Mannu and wanted her happiness. Mannu gets elected as the village sarpanch. Raj succeeds to get back Mannu’s respect in the village and fulfills Amba’s condition. Raj and Mannu will be marrying again. Amba blesses them. The family has an emotional moment.


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