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Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni has reached the hospital after much difficulty. She had to bear much pain before doctors could attend her. The doctor informed Bhanushalis to come over and give their consent for the operation. Indu and Dadi reach the hospital and complete the formalities. They pray for Teni. Teni delivers a baby girl. The doctor congratulates Bhanushali family that Teni gave birth to a daughter. She tells them that Teni’s state is critical, its tough to save her. Indu and Dadi get worried for Teni. They inform Parth about Teni.

Susheel gets worried when she sees Fayi Baa selling her boyish clothes to the utensil seller. Susheel asks Fayi Baa not to sell her clothes. Susheel finds her cupboard empty. She asks Fayi Baai why is she troubling her this way. She argues with Fayi Baa and takes the clothes Fayi Baa doesn’t agree and sells off the clothes. She asks Naresh to buy feminine clothes for Susheel, she won’t dress like a guy again. Mehul comforts Susheel on finding her worried. He tells her that everyone’s life changes at some point and she has to heartily accept the new things in her life. Susheel and Satya have a fight. He bullies her on her tall height. Susheel stays unaffected. She teaches him a lesson. Satya vows to make Susheel apologize to him.

Soumya and Harman’s relation got a relaxing time after Gurumaa’s truth came out. Harman stopped giving the tests to prove his love. Harman takes care of Soumya. He sees the sores on Soumya’s feet. He asks her why is she finding Preeto by hurting herself. He comforts her bruised feet. He asks Soumya not to stop him from doing his duty. Soumya tells him that she doesn’t want him to touch her feet. He tells her that her love is in his heart and she is like Lord for him, he can hold her feet. The kinners praise Harman and tell Soumya that even Harman is like a Devta, he has been an ideal husband.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Bhabho comes home to meet Uma and Kanak. Bhabho gets shagun and gifts for Payal. She gets along Ved and makes him meet Payal. Payal feels happy on seeing Ved. Kanak makes Ved and Payal stand together. Maasi asks Kanak what is she doing, what’s happening in the house. Maasi asks Bhabho why did she get shagun. Bhabho tells Maasi that she has got the shagun for Payal, as she wants to see Payal as Ved’s wife. Payal gets a surprise, while Maasi receives a huge shock. She gets angry on Bhabho. She asks Bhabho how dare she gets shagun for her bahu. She says shagun is brought for unmarried girls, not for any bahu of decent family. She asks Bhabho to remember the customs of the society.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Maasa blames Devi for stealing money from the house. Adhiraj defends Devi and tells Maasa that whatever Devi does, its always right. Devi gets happy seeing Adhiraj’s supporting side. Maasa gets more revengeful against Devi.

Kundali Bhagya:

Rishabh and Karan save Preeta. Everyone praises Karan for saving Preeta’s life by risking his own life. Preeta didn’t expect Karan to take such a step. She thanks Karan for his efforts and help. Karan teasingly pulls her leg. Rishabh is happy that Preeta and Prithvi’s alliance will not go ahead. Preeta and Karan end up arguing. Prithvi fears his truth will come out. He wants Sherlyn to support him in his plan to kill Janki. He tells her that Janki can expose both of them. Sherlyn refuses to listen to him. Prithvi vents out anger on her. They both blame each other for the mess. Sherlyn doesn’t want her marriage with Rishabh to break. She doesn’t want her life to get ruined because of Prithvi.

Ayushaman Bhava:
Maai gets doubtful of Krish, after seeing his bonding with Kaushalya. She tries to find out his true intentions. She wants to secure Vikrant from all the enemies, hidden and known. Maai doesn’t pity Sudhir, knowing he tried to go against Vikrant. Krish tries being alert of Maai. Even though, he gets trapped by Maai. She uses her black magic to learn his true intentions. Maai learns Krish has come to take revenge from Vikrant. She thinks to prove her point, since Vikrant will not believe anything against Krish.

Bhaiya ji had kidnapped Chakor and tortured her. His doings get known to the villagers. The angry villagers reach there to beat him up and teach him a lesson. Bhaiya ji threatens the villagers to stop, else he will shoot Pakhi. Chakor and Pakhi’s families panic. The villagers get a shock when they see Chakor injured. Kasturi gets worried seeing Chakor’s wounded state. She fears that Chakor has lost her baby. The villagers encourage Chakor to fight back and kill the devil. Chakor will be killing Bhaiya ji to end his evil for once and all.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Shagun meets Ishita and wants to know the hidden truth. She tells Ishita that she wants to help her. She asks what made her go to Ashok for help, why did she take such a major step, which offended the Bhalla family. She asks Ishita to trust her and share things. Ishita refuses to share anything. Shagun thinks Ishita is hiding some big thing. She tries to talk to Ishita as a friend. Ishita goes with Ashok. Shagun wants to clear Ishita’s name from the fake affair news and unite her with Bhallas. On the other hand, Simmi hurts Raman more by revealing to him that Ishita is Ananya’s murderer. She tells Raman that Ishita is the one who snatched all of their happiness. Raman turns depressed realizing his feelings for Ishita.


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