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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Saloni learns the truth from Tarun, that Gupta has said true about Laila. Ahana and Anant conclude their reception party with a dance. Roshni asks Rehaan why did Gupta say ill about Laila. Rehaan doesn’t want Roshni to know the complicated matters. Saloni gets angry knowing Laila has done wrong with Tarun and her. She confronts Laila for her bad move. Laila tells Tarun that love doesn’t drive the life. Saloni tells her that she will tell the truth to Anant. Laila tells her that Anant can break the marriage if Saloni tells him anything. Aarav hears this and informs Anant. Saloni shows courage to speak up the truth.


    Anika, Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra try to find some way to teach a lesson to Shwetlana. Rudra and Bhavya have clashes over their ideas again. Rudra suggests them that they should blacken Shwetlana’s face. Gauri tells them that Shwetlana doesn’t survive without makeup, so they should just target her makeup. Abhay tries to apologize to Omkara. Omkara tells Abhay that his anger and hatred made him blind. He tells Abhay that Shwetlana can just break relations. He says Abhay made a big mistake and invited troubles for himself. He warns Abhay about Shwetlana. Abhay realizes he has done a big mistake.


    Naksh and Kirti give a small reception to Kartik and Naira. KaiRa celebrates their reception with some private time. They have a romantic moment. Naksh and Kirti also have their romantic time. Naksh prepares food for Kirti. Kirti asks Naksh to stop being formal. She tells him that she likes him a lot, and she totally trusts him. She asks him to be like before, totally carefree. She wants Naksh whom she fell in love with. She tries to bond with Naksh. Naksh keeps aside the formalities.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay vows to ruin Durga’s career. Sanjay dreams of Durga. His parents worry for him. Durga wants to find out Jassi, who can help her. Bhagat understands her motives behind finding Jassi. He asks her to start having non-veg food, else he will make her out of the academy. Bhagat wants Durga to just focus on the training. Durga tries to get some info about Jassi.

    She seeks help from the peon. The man decides to help her, seeing Durga’s struggles in the academy. He takes her to the record room. They search for the old files. Jassi’s pic gets recovered. Durga fails to see Jassi’s face. She doesn’t learn about Jassi. The man tells her that the pictures are very old. Bhagat learns about Durga’s doings. He asks his student to keep an eye on Tara and stop her from achieving her motives. Yashpal forces Sanjay’s family to stay as per his rules. Sanjay wants to take Durga home, while Gayatri wants Durga to be out of his life. Yashpal gets to hear Sanjay’s ill intentions. He feels Sanjay can create troubles for Durga. He plans to secure Durga and her training in the academy. Yashpal prepares legal documents to safeguard Durga’s career. He threatens Sanjay’s parents about Sanjay and makes them sign the papers. Gayatri gets revengeful. Durga’s hunt for Jassi’s details continues.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Adhiraj bonds well with Dheeru, which makes the latter understand that Adhiraj wants some info from him. Dheeru asks Adhiraj what does he want to know. Adhiraj asks him about Purushottam. Dheeru tells about Baldev and Sudha’s love affair.

    He says Sudha was in love with Baldev, while Baldev was just playing around with her. He tells Adhiraj how Sudha trapped Baldev in love and planned to secure her place in Lal Mahal. He tells about Sudha’s madness and dangerous attempts to hurt Lal Mahal members. Dheeru tells Adhiraj that Sudha knows Purushottam is dead and she is now leading her own battle. Adhiraj thinks of passing the details to Anami. Adhiraj asks his informer to collect more information about Sudha.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Simmi angrily asks the family to make Ishita out of the house. Ishita asks Simmi not to use Ananya’s death for her motives. She tells everyone that Simmi is gaining sympathy by using Ananya. She clarifies why she has come home. She tells Simmi that she will not explain anyone, since she is not like Simmi to play with everyone’s emotions. Ishita asks Simmi to realize the family loves her and doesn’t want to hurt her. She can see how Simmi is ruining the family. She warns Simmi against her evil doings. She wants to save Raman’s life. Mrs. Bhalla decides to support Simmi than Ishita. Simmi and Parmeet make a plan to cancel the business contract to make Ishita away from the family.


    Vidyut tries proving Neil wrong. He tells the police that he has raised Juhi’s daughter and he has recently learnt that Neil is his father. He acts innocent and tells the commissioner that he didn’t know about Neil’s relation with Mishti. Neil fails to prove Vidyut’s crime. Vidyut asks Juhi to tell everyone what he did for Mishti. Juhi gives the statement in favor of Vidyut, which shocks Neil a lot. Juhi tells that Vidyut has raised Mishti with love. Neil is proved wrong. Commissioner gets disappointed thinking Neil is using laws for his personal rivalry. Neil gets angered on Juhi for lying to police. Juhi acts like a victim again. She tells Neil that she was afraid of Vidyut. She gets Mishti home and blames Avni for being careless and selfish to ignore Mishti.


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