Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan to realize his love for Ahana


Reema spots Rehaan staring at Ahana. Aarav teases Rehaan. Yamini scolds Aarav for the wrong doing. Rehaan doubts on Ahana. Saloni and Tarun decide to leave from Laila’s house. Laila feels Ahana has poisoned Saloni’s mind. She thinks Ahana can’t bear her happiness. Saloni defends Ahana. She takes the decision to support Tarun. Laila tells them that their love can’t feed their hunger. Saloni and Tarun don’t care for Laila’s warnings. Roshni and Aarav get happy when Anant comes to spend time with them. Rehaan tries to warn Anant about Ahana. He has belief in Saloni, and tells Anant that Saloni is innocent, but maybe Ahana is not. Anant feels bad knowing Rehaan is doubting Ahana. He warns Rehaan against saying a word against Ahana. Rehaan finds Anant getting blind in Ahana’s words. He feels worried for Anant.

Saloni meets Ahana. Ahana makes Saloni strong. Ahana tells Saloni that she is very happy to leave Laila’s house. Saloni reveals that she has also left her house. Saloni worries when a pandit tells her about Ahana’s future, which is full of difficulties. She gets warned by the pandit, that Ahana’s marriage will have many problems, by a third person coming between Anant and Ahana. Saloni shares this with Ahana.

Ahana laughs off the warnings. She feels none can come between Anant and her. She doesn’t know Rehaan will be posing problems in her marriage. Rehaan meets Roma’s friend who predicts that he is hiding a secret. She challenges him to take a hypnotism session and prove her wrong. Rehaan accepts the challenge to prove her that her hypnotherapy is just a waste of time. Rehaan makes fun of the session. She learns Rehaan is not concentrating as he is afraid of his big secret to come out. Rehaan gets hypnotized and is pushed to realize his love. Rehaan learns his feelings for Ahana. Rehaan gets a huge shock by this self realization.


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