Kartik to witness Suwarna’s huge sacrifice in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

The family learns Aryan is the main culprit behind the bribing blame on Kartik. Kartik learns the police has caught Aryan. On reaching the police station, Naira and Kartik see Suwarna with her brother. When Suwarna’s brother reveals that Aryan is Suwarna’s son and asks Suwarna to do a mother’s duty, she refuses to him. He asks her to support Aryan and get him released. Suwarna tells him that just Kartik is her son, she doesn’t care for Aryan, who did a big mistake by hurting Goenka family. Aryan doesn’t like Kartik and did this stupidity in his revenge intentions. After hearing Suwarna and her brother’s conversation, Kartik gets moved.

Suwarna acts strong in front of her brother. She breaks down after he leaves. Kartik spots Suwarna’s breakdown and gets saddened. He never expected Suwarna to be so selfless and loving towards him. Suwarna and Kartik undergo a shocking moment. Kartik feels he has always treated Suwarna with his anger and hatred. He learns Suwarna has made many sacrifices for him and Kirti. He walks on the road and goes lost in thoughts over Suwarna’s truth. Naira worries for Kartik and follows him.

Suwarna sheds tears and prays for Kartik. She breaks down knowing the truth of Aryan. Kartik and Naira learn the big truth of Suwarna’s decision to make Aryan away for Kartik’s sake. Naira gets worried seeing Kartik’s silence. She can’t say anything to pacify him. She knows there is a big storm going on in his heart. Aryan gets arrested and hopes Suwarna will come to his rescue. Suwarna doesn’t help Aryan and leaves him in the lockup. Kartik learns Suwarna’s big sacrifice. Kartik understands Suwarna has always supported him and stayed away from her own son. He feels indebted to her for all her love for him, even when he is her stepson. Kartik regrets to not realize her selfless love before.


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