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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:
    Reema spots Rehaan staring at Ahana. Aarav teases Rehaan. Yamini scolds Aarav for the wrong doing. Rehaan doubts on Ahana. Saloni and Tarun decide to leave from Laila’s house. Laila feels Ahana has poisoned Saloni’s mind. She thinks Ahana can’t bear her happiness. Saloni defends Ahana. She takes the decision to support Tarun. Laila tells them that their love can’t feed their hunger. Saloni and Tarun don’t care for Laila’s warnings. Roshni and Aarav get happy when Anant comes to spend time with them. Rehaan tries to warn Anant about Ahana. He has belief in Saloni, and tells Anant that Saloni is innocent, but maybe Ahana is not. Anant feels bad knowing Rehaan is doubting Ahana. He warns Rehaan against saying a word against Ahana. Rehaan finds Anant getting blind in Ahana’s words. He feels worried for Anant.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga learns Jassi’s bitter truth. She learns the reason why Jassi was suspended from the academy. Jassi has done a big mistake to secure her place in the championship. She gets into an affair with the coach and gets caught. She puts her career at risk, despite being a best athlete. Durga feels Jassi has done wrong to choose a wrong path for success, instead believing in her talents and going the legal way. Durga tries to recall if she has seen Jassi before. Yashpal blackmails Sanjay’s parents. He seeks help from the police to expose Sanjay’s parents. They agree to sign the contract for Sanjay’s sake. Bhagat tries to nab Durga while she is stuck in the storeroom. Bhagat fails to catch Durga.

    Gayatri chooses unfair means yet again. She bribes Shilpa into getting the legal papers. Shilpa promises to do anything for money. Gayatri gives her jewelry to Shilpa. She knows poor people can do anything for money. Shilpa gets hands on more of her jewelry. Gayatri wants Sanjay’s wish of troubling Durga fulfilled. She thinks once they get the signed contract and destroy it, Yashpal won’t be able to do anything.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita and her parents get into an argument with Raman over removing the tenants from their house. Simmi reveals to Raman that Iyers were their neighbors before. Parmeet tells Simmi how Ishita has insulted him in office. She gets angered and tells Raman that Ishita has insulted Parmeet in front of everyone and removed him from office. Raman turns angry and thinks of spoiling Ishita’s plan. He argues with Ishita and asks her to leave from his neighborhood. He interrupts into the matter. Simmi and Raman try to dominate Iyers. Ishita thinks this spat can help Raman remember the past. She thinks Raman used to quarrel with Iyers before. She uses the situation and tries to push him in recovering his memory. She asks him to stay out of their matter.


    Shwetlana asks Shivay to slap Anika in front of the media. The media insists Shivay for doing justice with Shwetlana. The reporters ask him will he be able to do this. Shivay tells them that he will punish the wrong doer, he will get justice done in front of them. He supports Anika and makes her slap Shwetlana. He tells the media that Shwetlana has planned everything, she has the remote and made the chandelier fall over her to trap Anika. He scolds Shwetlana for cheating them again. Shwetlana gets hurt by the chandelier. Her nose gets hurt and she becomes a fun topic for everyone. Shwetlana gets humiliated.


    Juhi speaks ill about Avni and faces Neil’s anger. Mishti hears Juhi’s bad statements. She tells Neela that she doesn’t want to get away from Avni. Neela tries to know who taught the bad things to Mishti. Juhi scolds Neela for teaching wrong things to Mishti. Juhi creates a huge scene. Bebe asks Juhi to stop this. She worries that the fights are affecting Mishti more. Avni feels sorrowful. She visits Aisha’s grave and shares her problems. She expects Neil to come to her. She gets a shock when she sees Vidyut. Vidyut falls for her once again. He gets complimenting her beauty.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
    Baldev misses Vatsalya by all his heart. Anami and Baldev share an emotional moment when they both miss Vatsalya and try to hold on his memories with them. Anami gets Vatsalya’s diary as it means his real memory for her. Baldev gets to see a picture which she got from Sudha’s trunk. He recognizes Vatsalya’s picture. He tells her that Vatsalya has won in debate competition when he clicked this picture. She learns Sudha has stolen this picture from Baldev. Baldev tells him that he had many expectations from Vatsalya, who left him very early. He remembers his bad past on seeing Narottam. He expresses his hatred for Narottam.

    YRKKH: Kartik learns the police is finding him. He seeks Naksh’s help and manages to escape. They hide the matter from Naira and Kirti. Singhanias get worried for Kartik and get praying for his safe return. Kartik tells the entire matter to Manish. He tells Manish that Naksh has alerted him on time and made him escape from the police. Manish gets worried and hurries to find the culprit. He asks police to re-investigate the matter and get to the roots of the matter. Manish prepares to do anything to save Kartik.


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