Little Chakor to mark Bhaiya ji’s end in Udaan


Bhaiya ji learns Imli has cheated him. He gets to see Chakor alive, when Imli promised of killing Chakor. He feels cheated and gets angry on Imli. Imli supports the villagers with a motive. Pakhi tries to snatch the gun from Bhaiya ji. Chakor saves Pakhi. She tells Bhaiya ji that his sin pot is totally filled and she will be killing the devil by her hands. Chakor’s family gets sorrowful on learning that Chakor has lost her child. Suraj feels worried for Chakor and his child, and tries reaching Aazaadgunj as soon as possible. Bhaiya ji gets surrounded by the villagers. His goons try to save him from the angry crowd, but Imli stops the goons by threatening to kill them. She tells them that she wants Bhaiya ji to die by Chakor’s hands.

Bhaiya ji sees his death in front of his eyes. He sees little Chakor, who counts all his crimes and tortures. She tells him how she has lost all her dear people because of him. His crime list gets long. Chakor threatens to end his evil forever. Bhaiya ji will be getting punished for all his sins.

Chakor’s two avatars shock him to the core. Chakor has been bearing his tortures since her childhood. She punishes him of death, when she loses her child by his tortures. Bhaiya ji will see an end, but bandhuagiri will still continue in Aazaadgunj. Chakor’s dream of seeing a free land doesn’t get accomplished. Suraj will lose his memory, and Imli will be ruling over Aazaadgunj. Imli will be scaring the people and turn them into bandhuas. Chakor’s battle will continue with the new evil supreme Imli.


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