Piyaa Albela: Naren decides to marry Pooja under any circumstances


Naren stops Pooja’s treatment in the hospital and gets her home. He can’t her see in pain. Pooja hugs him and asks him to drop her to her family. Naren decides to leave Pooja with her family for some time. Satish gets depressed seeing Pooja’s state. He feels she has gone through a lot in life and the tests of fate are not ending for her. Harish wants the family to deal with Pooja with love.

Harish and Supriya know Pooja has taken all the problems on her for their happiness. They pray for Pooja’s recovery, so that they can soon see happiness coming with Naren and Pooja’s marriage. Pooja gets beaten up by her aunt Kusum. Anuj and Satish try to stop her. Pooja has got troubles for them. Kusum tells them that Pooja would have got the house burnt by her mistake. Anuj handles the matter. Pooja cries and apologizes to Kusum. She has turned into a child mentally. She is doing much mischief at home. Kusum says Pooja will get senses on getting a beating. Harish protects Pooja.

Naren wants to marry Pooja on the destined mahurat. Neelima asks him not to marry Pooja, as she has lost her mental balance. Naren tells the family that he will always support Pooja and won’t do any mistake like before. He says love doesn’t mean supporting a person only in good times. He asks the family to get ahead with the marriage preparations. Satish asks Kusum to give motherly love to Pooja, which can help Pooja recover soon.


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