Shocking: Durga to get trained by her biggest enemy in Meri Durga


Durga tries to get Jassi’s details. She trusts the peon and seeks help from him to sneak into the storeroom. She discovers that Jassi was the best record holder, but she had been suspended. Durga thinks the reason behind Jassi’s removal from the academy. Yashpal understands Sanjay and Gayatri will never let Durga’s career prosper. He doesn’t want Durga’s life to get more troubles. He forces Sanjay’s family to sign a legal document, which has it written that they will never stop Durga from shaping her career.

When Sanjay’s parents refuse to Yashpal’s request, he locks Sanjay and leaves him without any support. Sanjay’s parents unwillingly give up and sign the contract. Shilpa gets against Durga. She turns greedy and thinks to get benefit from the fight. She tells Gayatri that she will steal the document from Yashpal and get it for her. Gayatri agrees to pay her. Bhagat looks for Durga. Durga leaves from the storeroom in time and doesn’t come in Bhagat’s sight. She stays adamant that she will not consume the non-veg diet. Bhagat gets much upset. Durga gets kicked out from the academy.

Durga returns home. She realizes she has taken Jassi’s photo from the file. She checks her jacket and finds a photo. She gets a huge shock on learning Jassi’s identity. She realizes Jassi is Sanjay’s mother Gayatri. She decides to talk to her enemy Gayatri and convince to train her. Though she has less expectations, she thinks to try once. Durga faces difficulty and convinces Gayatri for training her. Sanjay and Neelkant get a huge shock when they see Gayatri training Durga. Sanjay gives a month’s time to Durga and asks her to prove herself right, else she would have to sign the divorce papers. Durga gets determined to prove her innocence to Sanjay and show him the truth.


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