Tej’s outrage brings a storm in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana plans an attack on herself and tries to blame Anika in front of the media. She persuades Shivay for slapping Anika and punishing her for the crime. Shivay doesn’t slap Anika and takes a stand for her. Shivay’s support for Anika rages Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets hurt by her own plan. She then threatens to break Oberoi family and also the much famous unity of Oberoi brothers. She declares her plan openly that she will be targeting Shivay first, by making him away from his brothers forever. She challenges Shivay to stop her if he can, but she will be doing everything to plan Shivay’s departure from the family. She relates Shivay as Ram and tells the family that Shivay will soon be going on his Vanvaas. Shivay takes her threatening light. He doesn’t get scared of her challenge.

Shwetlana then plans to shock Shivay. She sends a fake video to Shivay and informs him that his Oberoi mansion is soon going to blast by the bomb she planted. Shivay and Omkara worry for the family and rush home to save them. They find Rudra strapped by the bomb and get a huge shock. Shwetlana threatens Shivay that she can do anything she wants, and he is just a vulnerable person, who can’t save every family member all the time. Shivay tries to secure Omkara and Rudra’s life. Shwetlana keeps her conditions and asks Shivay for crediting half of the Oberoi empire to her. Shivay turns helpless to save Tej and his brothers. He gives his approval to her evil demand.


Shivay took a big decision against Omkara and Rudra’s financial security. This decision brings a storm in Oberoi house. Shivay’s move breaks the bonding between Obros. Tej asks Shivay how dare he take this step without asking him. Tej vents out his anger. He can’t believe Shivay has cheated him by this step. He loses his cool. He taunts Shivay for always boasting of protecting his brothers, only to backstab them one day. Tej tells Shivay that he has ruin ed the future of Omkara and Rudra, just to turn into a great figure in Abhay’s eyes. Shivay doesn’t defend himself. He realizes he has hurt the family a lot. Shivay keeps his silence and bears Tej’s anger.

Shivay has divided the family business, which leads to the division of the family. Shivay has followed Shwetlana’s instructions only to save Tej from police arrest and defamation in the business circle. Shivay believes Tej can never stoop so low that he kills innocent lives for his greed. Shivay knows Tej is not involved in the fire incident and just wants to outdo Shwetlana.

Tej has lost all his children’s share to Shwetlana. He says if Shivay thinks he will win doing this, he is wrong, he has provoked my anger doing this, its because of Omkara and Rudra’s carelessness, I asked Omkara to look after business, but my sons never believed me, they blindly followed Shivay’s verdict, those fools always believed Shivay, but this won’t be the case now. He gets Gauri to Shivay and asks him why did he ruin Gauri’s future, whom he regards as his sister. He asks Shivay why did you make promises to Gauri, so that one day you ruin their future.

Shivay asks Tej not to get Gauri in between. Tej tells him that Gauri is involved in the matter as she is Omkara’s wife. Tej accuses Shivay further. Pinky interrupts Tej and defends Shivay. She tells Tej that Shivay has managed the business alone, Omkara and Rudra are just useless, what’s wrong if Shivay took any decision, he has always taken steps to secure the family. Shivay asks Pinky not to raise a finger at his brothers. She asks him how can he tolerate Tej. He tells Pinky that Tej has all rights to question him. He apologizes to Tej for hurting his heart.

Anika witnesses the verbal fight. She also feels Shivay got unfair towards his brothers. Anika gets much upset with Shivay. He asks her to talk to him once. She refuses to talk, as his anger and attitude always ruins things. She tells him that he is becoming like before, his anger can’t save any relations. Shivay tries to explain her the matter. Anika is much angry as she also wants Omkara and Rudra’s rights. She feels Shivay has done a big mistake by agreeing to Shwetlana. Shivay calls a spy and asks for all the official and unofficial information related to Kalyani mills fire incident. He wants to prove Shwetlana wrong. He is doing everything to buy some time. Soumya and Tia will be making a comeback in the show. Soumya will be bringing a storm in Rudra and Bhavya’s love life, while Tia will be supporting Shwetlana in her motives.


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