Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan to blurt out JD’s truth


Ahaan makes an entry home with Pankti. Ahaan and Pankti take the love vows in front of the family. JD gets a shock on seeing Pankti home. Ahaan is ready to go against Pankti. He holds Pankti’s hand and tells everyone that Pankti will stay with them from now on. He wants to secure Pankti by keeping her close, in front of his eyes. JD gets speechless. He doesn’t oppose Ahaan as he is afraid that Ahaan will tell his truth to the family. He is trying to keep his image fine. He acts goody towards Ahaan and Pankti. He blesses them.

Aparna is happy that Ahaan has won his love. JD spreads glass pieces in Pankti’s way. Ahaan keeps his hand under her feet and saves her. Ahaan gets himself hurt for his love. He hides his wound from the family. Aparna supports Pankti. She takes Pankti with her. JD didn’t expect Pankti to turn so daring and come to live in his house. Ahaan has forgotten all his respect feelings for JD. Ahaan has much to tell the family. He doesn’t want Sheetal to get hurt by JD’s truth.

Manav asks Ahaan to learn from JD how to love someone selflessly. Everyone believes in JD. JD gets more confident when he has the family to support him. He is sure that Ahaan can’t tell his truth to anyone. Manav turns upset with Ahaan’s careless attitude. He is thankful to JD for settling the losses and helping Ahaan again. Manav asks Ahaan to become like JD. Ahaan breaks his silence. He refuses to become like JD. He blurts out the truth to the family that JD is not his idol anymore, JD has bought an innocent girl and made her his mistress. Ahaan reveals to them about Pankti’s life ruined by JD. The family gets a huge shock. Ahaan turns into an angry young man and opposes JD.


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