Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul learns the temple’s mysterious history


Rahul learns that Thakur had planned everything to kill Shakti. Thakur and his men made sure that Shakti doesn’t exit from the temple at the time of sunset, when the villagers vacate the place. Shakti was drugged and left inside the temple at night, so that she gets killed. Shakti comes out alive in the morning, and shocks everyone. She gets everyone believing that she is also prime devotee of Kaal Bhairav. Rahul suspects Shakti to be knowing the truth. He tries to find out how Shakti survived. Rahul learns about the temple’s extended portion, which is hidden to the villagers.

He understands the attacker and the dog enters into the temple’s main area through some hidden passage. Rahul poses a threat for the evil doers. Lakhan doesn’t kill Rahul, thinking his death will attract police attention. Thakur doesn’t want any troubles again. Rahul meets Namrata to reveal the details he has known. Thakur doubts Namrata for helping Rahul. He misses to find Rahul in his house. The villagers get together to capture Rahul and kill him. They believe Rahul is ruining their devotional spirits. Rahul attempts to bring out the temple secret and expose the culprits behind the murders occurred on the name of Kaal Bhairav.


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