Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita declares an open challenge for Raman


Ishita and her parents get into an argument with Raman over removing the tenants from their house. Simmi reveals to Raman that Iyers were their neighbors before. Parmeet tells Simmi how Ishita has insulted him in office. She gets angered and tells Raman that Ishita has insulted Parmeet in front of everyone and removed him from office. Raman turns angry and thinks of spoiling Ishita’s plan. He argues with Ishita and asks her to leave from his neighborhood. He interrupts into the matter.

Simmi and Raman try to dominate Iyers. Ishita thinks this spat can help Raman remember the past. She thinks Raman used to quarrel with Iyers before. She uses the situation and tries to push him in recovering his memory. She asks him to stay out of their matter. Ishita advises the tenants to shift to other locality. The tenants refuse to leave. Raman supports the tenants and tells them that he will fight for their rights.

Raman starts regretting to have a business deal with Ishita. He gets insulting her. Ishita tells him that she will surely make the tenants leave. Raman and Ishita’s arguments continue. Ishita thinks to employ some wrong way to make the tenants leave, so that they can occupy their old flat again. Adi and Aaliya gets into an argument. He is upset with her gambling, while she tries to know about the office problems.

Aaliya gets called to repay the money. She manages to get some time. She worries to arrange money without telling Adi. Adi meets her old friend in a cafe. He gets spotted by Shagun, who tries to inform Aaliya about Adi. Aaliya tells Shagun that Adi has gone for a client meeting. Shagun doesn’t tell anything to her. Raman learns Ishita’s new command in office.

He gets angry knowing about Ishita’s live interview. He gets to see Ishita on the news channel. Ishita tries to provoke Raman by giving him a challenge to tolerate her, rather than getting jealous of her. She feels sorry to hurt Raman, but for making him close to her and their children. She wants to make Raman recall the past and recover. Raman gets frustrated seeing her enmity. She thinks to use their bitterness and enmity to bond with Raman, as their relation started with bitterness before. Simmi asks Raman to do something of Ishita’s challenge. He tells her that he is not scared of Ishita’s accusations.


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