Goenkas to get against Suwarna in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: A heavy blow for Goenka family

Goenkas get moved off by the shocking truth that Aryan is Manish and Suwarna’s son. Aryan was kept away from the family till now. Manish confronts Suwarna for her big mistake. He asks her to leave from his house and also his life. Kartik says if Suwarna leaves the house, Naira and I will go along with her. Akhilesh asks Kartik is he blackmailing them. Kartik takes a stand for Suwarna. Kartik’s hatred ended on knowing her truth. When his hatred and anger ended, she gets hatred from Aryan. Suwarna was thinking this truth will never come out. Kartik understands Suwarna is not bad, her intentions behind leaving Aryan were good.

Aryan asks Suwarna will she do injustice with someone to do justice with someone else. Suwarna faces all the blames and cries. Manish tells her that he hates her and can’t forgive her. The family gets angry on Suwarna. Kartik reveals Suwarna’s big truth to the family. Aryan gets his place in his house. Suwarna had declared him to be dead after his birth. She sheds truth when Aryan tags her to be a worst mother. Manish’s anger bursts out on her.

Naira asks Manish to hear Suwarna once. Manish doesn’t want to hear anything as nothing can state Suwarna’s decision right. Naira says you don’t know why did this happened, what’s the reason behind this. Manish asks her to stop nonsense, Suwarna has lied for long, why does she have to say anything now, she has to bear the punishment now, as I had to bear punishment by staying away from my son for so many years.

He gets much upset and pities Aryan. He says my own son has worked in my house as a servant, she has to pay for the sins, I have seen my son as a servant and insulted him so many times, I feel ashamed, she didn’t say anything till now, there is nothing to listen, don’t take her side.

Manish starts loving Aryan. He wants to make his son’s life better. Kartik tells Manish that Suwarna has lied to him with the hope that her lie will make everything fine, she didn’t wish Manish’s love to get divided. Manish tells Aryan that he will try to become a dutiful from now on, he will not forgive Suwarna. Manish is not able to understand Suwarna’s pain. Kartik tries hard to make Manish understand that Suwarna made the sacrifice to bring them closer. Aryan asks Kartik what about him, did wrong not happen with him, he always longed for parents’ love and care, and didn’t know his parents are alive, how did he feel when he worked as a servant in his own house. Aryan gets Goenkas’ name and property. The family gets divided into two halves, while Manish supports Aryan and Kartik supports Suwarna.

Suwarna gets Kartik and Naira’s support, when the complete family gets against her. Kartik justifies Suwarna. He says Suwarna had gone through a lot of punishment till now, how long will she bear, she deserves only love, she is really a good person, you would have understood that she has hidden all this, but for whom, she did this for you, me and this family. He tells them that Suwarna lied for making Manish and his relation fine.

Aryan asks Kartik to stop his drama. Aryan says she is the culprit, how did you come ahead to support her now, you never loved her, I have seen your relation with her, how did you get sympathy all of a sudden, you didn’t call her Maa till now, I have seen your hatred for her, and you are calling her Devi today. Suwarna apologizes to Manish. Dadi gets her anger out on Suwarna. She says I have seen a lot of the world, I have always seen Manish supporting you, I didn’t ask you to whom do you send money always, you have taken advantage of our goodness.

Suwarna feels Manish and Dadi will never forgive her, and even Aryan hates her now. She never thought her decision can hurt so many people. Suwarna’s sacrifice is called a sin by the family. Naira and Kartik take Suwarna with them, and cry. Kartik rests in Suwarna’s lap and sheds tears seeing her pain. He begs her to forgive him. Naira says we have to stay strong, I m sure we will get through this tough phase. Kartik promises Suwarna that he will prove her right in front of everyone. Suwarna hugs Kartik. She is much happy that she got accepted by him as his mum finally. Naira and Kartik’s support is a big relief for Suwarna. They
will get justice for Suwarna.


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