Goenkas struggle to prove Kartik’s innocence in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Kartik and Naira spend some time away from everyone. He tells her about the police searching for him. She tells him that she won’t let anything happen to him. They stay united. Kirti and Naksh have some romantic moments. Naksh tries to be as Kirti wants him to be. Manish and Akhilesh try hard to nab their manager and get the truth out. Inspector tells them that even if the manager is at fault, the case will not get over for Kartik, he will be brought to court after arrest. Manish gets worried for Kartik. He gets unwell by tension. Suwarna tries to relieve Manish. They both support each other in the tensed situation. Manish learns the manager is caught by police. Manish meets him and asks him to admit the truth.

Kartik gets arrested by Greek police. Naira tries to free him. Kartik doesn’t tell anything to her. He apologizes to her. He asks her to call Naksh and Manish to get help. Naira tries hard to prove his innocence. Aryan gets peace seeing Kartik in trouble. He thinks his plan worked.

The manager lies to the police. He doesn’t reveal any truth. Manish gets angry on him. Naira informs Naksh about Kartik’s arrest. Naksh reveals the bribe allegation on Kartik. He tells Kirti and Naira that someone is after Kartik, someone has strong enmity with Kartik. They realize the enemy is close. Aryan is happy to teach a lesson to Suwarna by hurting Kartik. Naira informs Manish about Kartik’s arrest. She tells Manish that she feels Aryan is behind this conspiracy as she has seen him around them few times. She asks him to find out Aryan as soon as possible. Manish gets raging on knowing Aryan’s involvement. Naksh tells Naira that they will find Aryan and also prove his crime. Naira gets some clues to reach Aryan. Naira stays close to Kartik to support him.


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