Rudra and Bhavya to part ways in Ishqbaaz


Anika understands Shivay’s plan. She goes to check the CCTV footage and learns that Shwetlana has trapped Obros. Shivay knows Anika is watching him. Anika gets the hints seeing him and understands that Rudra’s bomb is password protected. She decides to find the password from Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets overconfident that Shivay can’t find any solution for her trap. She thinks Oberois will be ruined by Shivay’s move. Anika tries to get the password from Shwetlana. Anika keeps an eye on Shwetlana. She gets to see the password when Shwetlana activates the bomb.

She panics the Obros by telling them about the bomb activation. Shivay calls it enough for the day. He asks Shwetlana to give up her demands, else it won’t be good for her. She doesn’t deter from her plans. Anika learns the password and reaches Rudra to save him. Anika gets spotted by Shwetlana. She challenges Shwetlana to stop her if she can. Shivay tells Omkara and Rudra that he is sure Anika is close, as he can sense her presence.

Anika tells Shivay to understand the hint, while Shwetlana keeps her at the point of a knife. Anika asks Shwetlana to fulfill her last wish and make her talk to Shivay once. Anika makes a story to tell the password to Shivay. Shivay understands the password by decoding Anika’s story. Anika fights with Shwetlana, while Shivay feeds the password to free Rudra from the bomb. Shivay and Omkara save Rudra. Shwetlana’s plan fails.

Anika gets emotional seeing Rudra fine. Anika and Shivay’s connection gets praised by them. Rudra feels their love is very true and made them more smart. They return home safely. The family learns about Rudra’s problem. Shivay tells them that Rudra has gone to meet his friends to have some relieve and forget the matter. Shivay assures them that they will deal with Shwetlana and fail her every time. Shivay doesn’t want Omkara to see Tej’s video. He stops Omkara from going to Shwetlana. He asks Omkara to go Germany for the painting exhibition. Bhavya learns about Rudra’s incident.

She meets him with concern, and gets humiliated by him. They end up arguing. Bhavya gets shattered when Rudra misunderstands her again. Rudra vents out anger on Bhavya. Rudra ends all ties with her. They both part ways. She tells him to find the truth before judging her. She finds him unfortunate to lose her. She doesn’t want to forgive him ever.

Shwetlana comes up with a drama to fool Shivay. She tells him that she has realized that she can’t break the brothers bond. She threatens him with another video. Shivay gets angered seeing her true colors. Shivay is ready to hurt his family’s emotions to keep the family united. He gets ready to take his old avatar to protect his family.


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