Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan-Diya to prove their love


Ratan goes to help Diya and acts filmi. Diya gets ready for the party. Ratan helps her. He adores Diya’s beauty. He gives her a compliment. He gets hit by her hair. He asks is this his punishment for complimenting her. She is not used to hear such compliments and reacts impulsively. They see the family and hug to play the love drama. It gets tough for them to act to be in love.

Yash gets a doubt that Diya and Ratan are doing a drama. He asks Ratan how did this love happen and when. Ratan and Diya worry to answer Yash. Ratan tells Yash that he didn’t plan to love Diya, but it just happened. He gives a chocolate to Diya. Yash congratulates Ratan for his relationship. Ratan and Diya’s romance will be seen. They have a sweet moment, while they check the camera footage to catch the culprit. The family asks them to prove that they are really in love.

Ratan and Diya come close. They get ready to give any test to prove their love. The family puts them in odd situations. They take Ratan and Diya to the temple for some puja, which will prove if they are in love. They conspire that the flower will change the color if they are really in love. Ratan and Diya get a shock when pandit reveals the flower which changed his color. The pandit tells them that they are made for each other. Ratan feels weird by the rasam. They get scared by the Lord’s sign.


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