Gupta reveals the truth to Rehaan in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Karan accepts the blames posed by Kavita. Ahana ends the problem by dumping the earring. She tells everyone that house peace is more important than money. She asks Kavita to belief Karan, the family is made only by beliefs. She tells them the family should not have any doubt on each other. She asks them to try to lessen their weakness than blaming anyone. Anant gets glad to see Ahana’s way of handling the matter. Roshni gets impressed with Ahana. She thanks Ahana for supporting Karan. Rehaan gets into an argument with his girlfriend. He worries for Anant. He decides to find out Ahana’s true intentions. She asks him to talk to Gupta and get a lead.

Anant gets surprised by Ahana’s sensibility. He thanks her for managing everything. She tells him that she has seen Laila handling things by withdrawing benefits from all the matters. She doesn’t want to return to Laila. She tells Anant that she didn’t get any love from Laila. Anant consoles her sorrows. Ahana tells him that she will try to win everyone’s hearts. She asks Anant to always love and respect her the same way, keeping his belief strong. Anant promises her that he will always trust her.

Kavita searches for the earrings. Ahana catches her red handed. She understands Kavita is the real thief. Kavita begs her not to tell Anant. Ahana tells Kavita that she knew this truth. She gives a warning to Kavita.

Rehaan visits the Guptas. He hears Gupta speaking against Raichands. He tells his wife that it was his fault to fulfill Laila’s greed. Rehaan suspects Ahana even more. Gupta asks Rehaan why did he come. Rehaan asks him to tell him the complete truth. He tells Gupta that he wants to protect Anant. Gupta tells Rehaan that Anant is blindly in love with Ahana, smitten by her beauty. Gupta asks Rehaan to save Anant in time. Gupta reveals Ahana’s motive for marrying Anant. Rehaan gets worried for Anant. He doesn’t want Ahana to succeed.


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