Meri Durga: Divorce drama strikes Sanjay and Durga


Sanjay gets fine from back injury and returns home. Durga too lands in Sanjay’s house with a motive. He wants to take revenge from Durga. He still feels she is wrong. Durga believes she is married to Sanjay and belongs to Sanjay’s family now. Sanjay troubles her and asks her to sign divorce papers. He asks her to sign the papers and get out from his life, after which she won’t have any value in the society. He tells her that he will just torture her till she stays with him.

He wants her to get defamed by returning to her father’s house. Durga know Sanjay is doing everything on Gayatri’s saying. She doesn’t blame him. She prefers to bear his anger and stay back. She refuses to sign the papers. Sanjay vents out anger and breaks things around to scare her. Durga chooses to silently witness everything. She meets Gayatri and confronts her for the past. She asks Gayatri to train her for the state championship, if she wants her identity of Jassi to stay under wraps. Gayatri unwilling agrees to train Durga, which leaves Sanjay stunned.



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