Naamkarann: Neil and Avni to team up and mock separation

Avni in Naamkarann

Bebe asks Neil to marry Juhi. Neil refuses to marry Juhi. He tells Bebe that he won’t marry Juhi even for Mishti’s sake. Bebe tries hard to compel Neil. Neil doesn’t let Avni or Bebe to force him. He tells Bebe that he will leave the job and also the city. He tells Avni about his decision to leave from the family. Avni tells him that they can’t leave the family. He tells her that he will find any job in another city. Bebe asks Neil to save Mishti from the society’s taunts. He tells the family that he can’t give happiness to Mishti by losing Avni. He can do anything, but not lose Avni. He tells Avni that his decision will not change. Shweta feels Bebe is being unfair to Neil. She supports Neil’s decision.

Shweta asks Avni to let Neil do anything he wants and keep Juhi away from them. Shweta reveals to Neela that Mishti can’t be Neil’s daughter, as Neil has never had such a relation with Juhi. Neela realizes Juhi has lied to Neil as well. Juhi tries to pressurize Neil by her decision of taking Mishti away. Avni gets worried knowing Juhi has taken Mishti away. Juhi tells Mishti that everyone hates her, just her mum loves her. Neil and Avni try hard to stop Juhi and Mishti. They decide to find Mishti.

Neela tells Bebe that Juhi is lying about Neil and her relation. Shweta and Neela reveal Juhi’s lies to Bebe. Bebe is blackmailed by Vidyut and Ragini Pandit. Despite knowing everything, she chooses to support Juhi. Neela understands Bebe is helpless and hiding something from them. Neela’s emotional words move Bebe. Bebe thinks of revealing the truth to Neela and Shweta. She gets threatened about her children again. She refuses to help Neela and Shweta. She sticks to her decision. Neela and Shweta get together to save Avni and Neil’s marriage.


Vidyut waits for Neil and Avni to reach Juhi. He has a plan in mind. He messages Juhi to trap Avni. Avni tries to save Mishti from Juhi’s anger. Avni pushes Juhi away, which makes her fall in risk. Neil saves Juhi from a fatal accident, planned by Vidyut. Juhi thanks Neil for saving her. She blames Avni for attempting to kill her. Mishti doesn’t want to go with Juhi. Neil gets stuck in a tough situation. Neil supports Avni, which angers Juhi. Avni warns Juhi against hurting Mishti. She gets angry on Juhi. Neil gets to see Avni’s old avatar back. He fears Avni is losing her sensibility.

Juhi takes Mishti home. Neil doesn’t want Avni to become Ananya again. Avni finds Neil upset with her. Avni tells Neil that she doesn’t regret for anything, as she has to protect Mishti first. Neil gets angry on her. Avni reveals the incident to Neela and Shweta. Neela tells Avni that Juhi has lied to them about Neil and her relation. She asks Avni to understand Juhi wants her rights on Neil by using Mishti. She proves the evidence to Avni. She asks Avni to understand what’s happening with Mishti, its someone’s plan to target her. Neela tells her that Vidyut and Juhi are plotting against her. Neela asks Avni to understand Vidyut’s game, he is repeating her childhood by using Mishti. Avni understands everything. Avni then reveals the truth to Neil. Avni and Neil team up to mock their separation and fool Vidyut by showing his fake victory.


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