Satrupa to rescue Lakshya in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami gets panicking that her brother got missing. Anami looks for Lakshya everywhere. She gets shattering with the fear of losing him. Adhiraj accompanies Anami on her search. She looks for Lakshya everywhere. Anami didn’t imagine that Lakshya will leave Banaras and come to Lal Mahal. She gets mad while looking for him. Anami fails to find him. Adhiraj doubts on Sudha and Purushottam. Lakshya gets kidnapped by Sudha. Lakshya has heard Sudha’s plannings. The kidnappers scare Lakshya.

He bursts into tears and shouts for Anami. He wanted to tell Anami about Sudha’s bad motives. Satrupa reaches Lakshya before Adhiraj and Anami. Satrupa saves Lakshya’s life. Lakshya hugs Satrupa and cries. Satrupa consoles him. Lakshya tells her about Sudha. Satrupa tells him that she knows everything. She takes Lakshya home. Anami gets thankful to Satrupa for the first time. Lakshya tells Anami that Satrupa is really a fairy for him, as she has saved his life from Sudha. Anami gets compelled to see Sudha’s true side. Satrupa’s plan to seek help from Lakshya succeeds.


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