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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi prays for Adhiraj’s life in the temple. She makes a mannat. She wants Adhiraj to get fine. Bua meets her at the temple. She asks Devi to leave Adhiraj, as he has always given her sorrows and pain. Devi refuses to leave. Bua asks Devi to use her freedom and run away. Bua reminds Devi that she had dreams to become a doctor, now she has got the chance to leave from Adhiraj’s life. Devi is in dilemma. She doesn’t want to leave Adhoraj. She feels Adhiraj is changing. Bua convinces her and sends her off in the bus. Devi unwillingly boards the bus. Bua and Kakisa brainwash Devi. Bua asks Devi to start her new life. Devi thinks of Adhiraj and gets confused.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja has lost to the bad situations. She wants to get saved from Kusum. Naina fools her and asks her to hide inside the well, so that Kusum doesn’t see her. She scares Pooja of the mental hospital doctors who will give her shocks and hurt her. Pooja doesn’t want to get caught by the doctors. She agrees to Naina and hides inside the well. Naina takes advantage of Pooja’s innocence.



Amba convinces Simran for agreeing to Mannu’s request. Amba wants to get Raj and Mannu married soon. Mannu refuses to go ahead with the marriage if Simran doesn’t mend her relation with Rohan. Mannu tries to make Simran realize how Rohan has always protected her in the hour of need. Simran plans to mock a drama of uniting with Rohan, so that Mannu and Raj’s marriage gets done. Amba suggests Simran for the drama move, so that she also doesn’t feel forced to accept Rohan. Mannu finds Amba hiding something. She learns about Simran’s drama and gets sad. Simran’s drama turns into reality. Simran understands Rohan’s worth. Mannu and Raj get married with mutual consent and elders’ gracious presence.


Chakor and Suraj are going to get separated. They hug and shed tears. Suraj has to stay strong and live without her for five years. They both manage each other’s sorrow. They give strength and hopes. They dream of a happy union soon. Suraj doesn’t want her to get away. Chakor acts strong in front of him. She gets away from him and expresses sorrow.

Satya and Susheel have a basketball competition. They show tashan to each other. Satya asks Susheel to win and then talk to him. Susheel asks him not to be overconfident. They both have an argument. Satya challenges Susheel. Susheel is not less than any guy. She is a good basketball player. Satya teases her that she is very tall and it doesn’t mean she has any talents. She tells him that he has made a good physique, but it doesn’t mean he has a wise mind. Susheel wins the competition. Satya’s ego gets hurt again. Satya will be soon falling in love with Susheel.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Anami gets panicking that her brother got missing. Anami looks for Lakshya everywhere. She gets shattering with the fear of losing him. Adhiraj accompanies Anami on her search. She looks for Lakshya everywhere. Anami didn’t imagine that Lakshya will leave Banaras and come to Lal Mahal. She gets mad while looking for him. Anami fails to find him. Adhiraj doubts on Sudha and Purushottam. Lakshya gets kidnapped by Sudha. Lakshya has heard Sudha’s plannings. The kidnappers scare Lakshya.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni is annoyed with Parth. She didn’t think that he will still doubt her after she has given him a big happiness. He is not able to forgive her. Teni requires to seek his permission to meet the baby. Parth doesn’t know how to pacify the baby. Parth learns about the baby needs, which only a mum can fulfill. He doesn’t want Teni’s influence on the baby. He is much mistaken about Teni’s intentions. Parth gets helpless to permit Teni to look after the baby.

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun wants all the family to be together. He tries to workout Nisha’s planning by taking Babasa’s sign on the property papers. Babasa doesn’t believe Arjun is Aditya, who is more keen in property than family. Arjun asks Babasa to believe him once. Jia is worried by Arjun’s behavior. She gets trapped in Nisha’s cheat. Arjun gets angered when the family depends on Jia. Jia starts finding Nisha’s plan.

Meri Durga:

Durga tries to keep her marriage. She asks Sanjay to fill sindoor in her hairline. She shows her intentions of forgiving him and mending their relationship. Sanjay refuses to her and throws away the sindoor. The sindoor falls over Durga. Sanjay reprimands her for her mistakes. He asks her to prove his parents’ innocence if she wants everything to get fine between them.

Kundali Bhagya:
Shrishti tells Preeta that she will take help from Rishabh. Rishabh suspects Prithvi. He decides to find out about Prithvi. Shrishti wants Preeta to accept her feelings for Karan. Preeta lies to Shrishti. Kareena hears Rishabh’s move to find out Prithvi’s details. She casually informs Sherlyn about this. Sherlyn gets worried knowing Rishabh is finding about Prithvi’s background. She calls up Prithvi and alerts him. She plans to meet Prithvi at hotel. Karan overhears Sherlyn’s plans and follows her to find out her secret lover. Karan thinks of informing Preeta as well.


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