Avni’s new avatar brings big twists in Naamkarann


Shweta and Neela try to explain Avni that its all Juhi and Vidyut’s planning against her. Neela tells Avni that Vidyut got to know about her dark childhood from his mum, who used to be Dayavanti’s jail inmate. She asks Avni to understand how Ragini Pandit has used the bitter incidents of her childhood against her by using Mishti. She asks Avni to compare the incidents happened with her with the ones happening now with Mishti. Avni tries to get connecting links. She understands Mishti is made to do same things like her, only to make her sorrowful wound revived.

Shweta tells Avni that Mishti is not Neil’s child, and they have the proof for it, as Mishti’s blood didn’t match with Neil and the family. Neil decides to get away from Juhi and Mishti. He thinks of taking Avni and leaving the city. Juhi learns Neil’s planning and doesn’t want him to leave. Juhi has done everything to get Neil. Neela explains Avni that Juhi has turned selfish for her love. She tells Avni that Juhi is playing an important role in Vidyut’s game. Neil understands that Juhi’s behavior is hurting Avni a lot. He doesn’t want Avni to become like before. Neil learns Juhi has filed a police complaint against Avni. The situation at home gets worse. Juhi maintains her word that she is innocent. She tries to frame Avni.

Avni tells everyone that she is the reason for all the problems, she can go to any level to secure Mishti. She tells Neil that she will leave from the house. She doesn’t want Mishti to get away from Juhi. Bebe wants Avni to leave, as she is helpless to support Juhi. Bebe feels shattered to break Neil and Avni’s marriage. Bebe asks Neil to marry Juhi. Avni too supports Bebe’s decision. She requests him to save his shattering family by marrying Juhi for Mishti’s sake. Neil refuses to marry Juhi. Bebe gets compelled to attempt a suicide.

Neil tells his decision is final. Avni thinks of sharing the serious matter with Neil. Avni goes to reveal Vidyut, Juhi and Ragini Pandit’s evil planning to Neil, so that they can decide a drama to fail the overconfident foolish enemies. Vidyut also gets prepared to fail Avni’s any move. Vidyut knows Avni is too smart and can decode their planning in a minute. He is sure to fail her even if she acts wise. Avni dons a new avatar to fool Juhi. She tries to show Juhi the unseen side of her identity, the clever and alert Ananya.

Avni tells Neil that its all Vidyut’s planning to make her recall her childhood. She knows Vidyut is trying to fail her. She reveals her plan to Neil. Neil gets relieved that Avni is not leaving him. She tells him that Juhi is also lying to them, as she is wishing to get back in the family. She decides to leave the house and act to fool Juhi and Vidyut. Neil likes her clever side. He calls Avni his smart wife. He thanks her for understanding everything and making this plan to solve the entire mess. Neil and Avni plan a separation drama to show Juhi, who would inform Vidyut and Ragini Pandit. Avni leaves from the family. Neil learns about Bebe’s suicide attempt. He agrees to Bebe’s request. He tells the family that he will marry Juhi. He informs the family that Avni has left him forever. Juhi sees her plan working and gets fooled.


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