Ishqbaaz: Tough time for Shivay and Anika begins


Soumya returns in Rudra’s life. She tells him that she will be helping him get his love back. She offers help to get Bhavya in his life. Rudra gets happy to get his best friend and love guru back. Soumya turns into a Love Guru again. She tries to unite the lovers. Rudra is relieved seeing her big heart. Soumya’s intentions look good to him. Rudra tries to find Bhavya. He wishes to apologize to her once. He is sure Bhavya will forgive her and reconcile. On the other hand, Shivay is worried to reveal to the family that Shwetlana is not leaving their house. Shwetlana has laid a strong foot this time. She gets big shares in Oberoi empire by blackmailing Shivay.

Shivay goes to face the family and answer their questions. He gets terrified thinking of Tej and Jhanvi’s reaction when they learn about Omkara and Rudra’s shares transferred to Shwetlana. He gets courage from Anika’s promise, that she will always support him, no matter what happens.

Shwetlana doesn’t leave from the house. The family asks Shivay to answer them about Shwetlana. Jhanvi tries to throw out Shwetlana from the house. Shwetlana tells Jhanvi that she is now the owner of this house. She asks Shivay to reveal his decision to everyone.

Shivay tells his decision to the family that he has transferred Omkara and Rudra’s shares to Shwetlana. Tej gets furious knowing this. Entire family gets furious on Shivay’s decision. Shivay hides Tej’s crime of burning the factory for his greed. He doesn’t want anyone to know Tej’s sin, which can shatter their family.

Shwetlana creates a war between the brothers. She seeks Omkara and Rudra’s shares so that they pay for Tej’s deeds. She plans to divide the family. Shivay tells everyone that Shwetlana is fifty percent share holder and she has a right over the house too. He allows her to stay with them. Shwetlana asks Jhanvi to vacate her room. Rudra shows his belief in Shivay. Tej blames Shivay for backstabbing his brothers. Shivay doesn’t seem interested to reveal the reason. Tej tells Shivay that he could have given his own shares to Shwetlana than giving Omkara and Rudra’s future to her. He asks Shivay why did he break his brothers’ trust this way. He blames Shivay to be materialistic and selfish.

Shakti and Pinky believe Shivay can do anything for his brothers. Dadi doesn’t want Shivay to cheat his brothers. Shakti demands Shivay to reveal the reason and end the conflicts arising in the family.

Shivay maintains his silence, which infuriates Tej further. Pinky is sure Shivay has done this for the family’s betterment. Shivay sees everyone’s sentiments getting hurt by his silence. Rudra doesn’t care for anyone’s opinion. Anika advises Shivay to confide the matter with family. Shivay gets angered on her. His rudeness hurts Anika. Shwetlana gets glad that her plan worked so well. Anika doesn’t get back from confronting Shivay. He tells her that he is back to his old self, since he has to protect his family. He asks her not to expect anything good from him, as the situations can get worse for the family. She gets upset with his arrogance. Tia will be soon making an entry in Shivay’s life.


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