KaiRa to find Aryan’s revengeful motives in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira learn Aryan’s involvement in the fraud case incident. They hunt for Aryan, knowing he is also in Greece. Aryan plans to leave the country. He quits his job and makes a way to plan his exit. Aryan thinks of returning to his foster parents. Kartik and Naira promise the family that they will be catching Aryan and getting him punished. They want to know the reason for Aryan’s crime. Kartik feels Aryan was angered with him for the petty issues happened during Naksh and Kirti’s marriage and is taking revenge from him. He doesn’t know Aryan’s real motives.

Naira wants to solve Aryan’s puzzling mystery. Kartik and Naira spot Aryan. They try to catch him. Aryan gets alert seeing his plan failing. He tries his best to escape. Naksh and Kirti inform the police. Naira manages to find Aryan. Aryan asks her to let him leave. Naira scolds him for getting Kartik arrested in a fraud case. She doesn’t let him go. She seeks an answer from Aryan.

She confronts Aryan for the reason for falling so low and deceiving them. She counts the favors Goenkas did on him. This rages Aryan more. He feels he deserves all the luxuries being a Goenka himself, and even then he needs to be thankful for Goenkas’ favors. He gives a hint of his motives to Naira.

She asks him if he did this for money or jewelry. Aryan tells her that he didn’t do any crime in Goenka house, as his motive is not about money, he wants revenge. She doesn’t understand what enmity he has with the family. He asks Naira to confront Suwarna about him and know the truth. He justifies his step to frame Kartik. He tells her that Suwarna is the root cause of all these problems. He asks her to seek truth from Suwarna Goenka. She doesn’t understand him. She asks him to explain the matter. Aryan doesn’t reveal more. Kartik gets Aryan arrested. He tells Naira that their problems got over from now.

Kartik and Naira spend some romantic time and complete their dreams. She is grateful that all the mess got solved. Kartik gets happy to see her smile back. Kartik and Naira, Naksh and Kirti spend quality time on their tour before leaving from Greece. The couples return home. They get a warm welcome from the families. Naira gets clueless about Suwarna’s involvement in Aryan’s matter. Suwarna and Manish get happy to have Kartik back. Dadi secures Kartik from the world’s bad sight. Kartik tells the family how Naksh, Naira and Kirti helped him get out of this big problem. Kartik reveals to them about Aryan’s arrest. They want to know Aryan’s motives. Naira thinks of seeking an answer from Suwarna. Kartik decides to not forgive Suwarna if she is really involved in this fraud.


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