Sudha to pose a huge threat for Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj gets his doubts on Sudha. He understands Purushottam is in the city and would have met Sudha by playing the robbery drama. Adhiraj wants a solid clue against Sudha to prove her involvement in Vatsalya’s murder case. Anami too gets doubtful of Sudha. She thinks she has invited a trouble home. Anami understands Sudha is a threat for Lal Mahal. She deals with her dilemma over Sudha’s truth. Anami plans to send Sudha way. Sudha senses Anami’s growing suspicion, which can prove to be a fatal one for her plans.

Sudha and Purushottam plan a meet to decide about tackling new enemies. Sudha doesn’t want Anami to fail her big motives in last minute. Sudha manages to meet Purushottam in Lal Mahal premises again. Sudha tells him about the happenings post his exit at night. She feels concerned for Narottam’s inclination towards his step sister. Purushottam advises her to get Anami off their way. Sudha decides to get Anami killed, just as she got Vatsalya killed.

Adhiraj questions Sudha about her brother. She tells him that Purushottam is dead. She asks him not to doubt on dead people. Adhiraj tells her that its his duty to doubt all sorts of criminals. He asks her how does she know if Purushottam is dead, if she has lost her memory and ended connections with the outside world before. Sudha fails to answer him. Satrupa wants Sudha’s truth to come out. Anami tries to find out about the thief. Sudha has stolen Kamini’s jewelry to safeguard Purushottam. She feels Adhiraj can’t prove her crimes without any clue.

Anami feels Vatsalya was very much different as he has clean thoughts for everyone. She thinks of some way to fulfill his dreams. She feels proud to be Vatsalya’s sister. She thinks Vatsalya always cared for people in need. She decides to win Dada ji’s trust so that he can invest in Vatsalya’s dreams, which she wants to head. Satrupa learns about Anami’s desire to complete Vatsalya’s dream project. Dada ji tells Satrupa that Anami is impulsive, he doesn’t believe in her talents. He doesn’t want to give any big responsibility to Anami. Satrupa asks Dada ji to give a chance to Anami, which can make Anami get on their side.

Satrupa and Anami try to sort their differences by talking out their annoyances, complains and regrets. Satrupa wants Anami to have patience as the answers would be coming her way soon. Anami feels Satrupa is still lying to her. Anami doesn’t want to forgive Satrupa. Satrupa bears Anami’s anger. She decides to strike a deal with Anami on their terms. Dada ji and Satrupa give their approval for Anami’s wish. Anami asks Dada ji why did he change his mind. Satrupa sets the conditions. She asks Anami to pay a price for fulfilling her dreams. Anami asks Satrupa if she is pricing Vatsalya’s dreams. Satrupa tells Anami that she has to take Sudha’s signatures on the legal documents, which will cut her ties from Baldev and Narottam. Anami finds it unfair. Dada ji tells Anami that he will assure Sudha’s comfortable future. Anami worries for Sudha’s emotions, while Sudha lays a plan to kill Anami.


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