Rehaan regrets to learn Ahana’s intentions in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan meets Anant and warns him against Ahana’s real intentions behind marrying him. Anant doesn’t believe Rehaan. He seeks an answer from Ahana. Anant asks Ahana if she has married him to fail Laila and take revenge. Ahana gets troubled to lie to Anant. She tells him that she loves him a lot and didn’t marry him for his wealth. Gupta asks Rehaan to be alert of Laila, who can cheat anyone for money. He tells Rehaan that Laila will target him and make him out of Anant’s family if he tells anything against Ahana.

Gupta asks Rehaan to be cautious of Laila. Rehaan thanks him for all his tips. Gupta humiliates Tarun in front of Rehaan. He disowns Tarun in anger. He asks Tarun to talk to him when he gets his money back from Laila. Tarun gets heartbroken to part away from family. Rehaan offers to drop Tarun home. Laila is very much sure that Anant will not believe anyone except Ahana. She warns Rehaan to be away from Anant and Ahana’s relation, else he may make himself fall in big trouble.

Laila gets angry on Rehaan on knowing he has met Gupta. She fears Rehaan is trying to spoil Ahana’s relation. She tells him to realize his place in Anant’s family. Rehaan realizes Gupta was very much right about Laila.

Laila asks Tarun to fight with Gupta in court and ask for his property and rights. Tarun and Saloni refuse to go against Gupta. Saloni tells Laila that she will be happy with Tarun. Tarun assures his love for Saloni. Laila tells them that their love will take a dip when Tarun’s bank account loses all the cash. Tarun rejects his suggestions. He hopes his dad will accept him some day. Ahana bonds with Roshni and Aarav. Anant gets happy seeing her. Reema asks Anant not to let Gupta’s allegations in between his happiness. Ahana invites Saloni home to relieve her stress. Anant supports Saloni in her tough phase. Yamini starts distancing herself from Anant and children, so that Ahana can bond with them well.

Anant comes up with a solution to give a job to Tarun in his company. He wants to solve Saloni and Tarun’s problems. Saloni also wanted to have a wonderful life in her inlaws. She cries thinking of Tarun’s sorrows. She feels Tarun has lost his parents because of her. Ahana cheers up Saloni. Rehaan realizes Gupta was not lying about Laila. He thinks its his duty to protect Anant from Laila and Ahana. He wants to make Anant believe him. He is sure that Anant loves him a lot and will trust him. He fights with his emotions for Ahana. He regrets to learn Ahana’s true intentions. Rehaan wants to hate Ahana as he can’t love her.


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