Indu plans to unite Parth-Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Indu wants to unite Parth and Teni. Parth doesn’t want to accept Teni’s love. She wants the baby to get a better future. Indu asks Kanha to help her in uniting Parth and Teni. She tries to seek an answer. She asks about the baby’s future, will the baby grow up without a mother’s love and care. Teni has left the house for Parth’s happiness. Indu doesn’t know if Teni will come back. She knows the baby needs Teni and even Parth needs a life partner. Indu takes care of the baby. She feels sorry for the baby who is longing for her mother’s warmth.

Indu wishes Parth understands the matter. She prays that Teni comes back and completes their family. Teni sends her friend to get the baby to her. Indu gives healthy snacks for Teni. Parth comes ahead and gives a letter for Teni. Indu gets surprised. Parth doesn’t reveal what he has written for Teni. Indu asks Parth how will he stay alone forever, does he not want anyone to love the baby unconditionally. She asks him to think about Teni once. Parth refuses to listen to her.


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