Durga attempts to save her marriage in Meri Durga


Sanjay stops Durga from getting training from Gayatri. He reminds her that she is married now. Durga tells him that she will do a bahu and wife’s duty, but she will not leave her training. Rajveer gets to see Durga’s courage and confidence. He gets happy knowing she has convinced Gayatri for training. Durga doesn’t let Sanjay ruin her dreams. Rajveer sees Yashpal worried for Durga. He lies to her that the training went really well today. Shilpa hides the jewelry she has taken from Gayatri for failing Yashpal’s plans.

Sanjay decides to divorce Durga. He asks her to sign the papers and leave. Durga believes in her relation. She refuses to end their marriage. Sanjay hurts her and asks her to then bear his tortures. He asks her to accept her lies and prove his parents innocent. Durga refuses to give up. She tells him that his parents were really wrong, she didn’t frame them in a fraud blame. He asks her to leave. She gives him a month’s time as he gives her. She promises to prove her truth to him. She is sure Sanjay will then regret for his decision. She tells him that she will make him tear the divorce papers.


Durga’s family learns that Shilpa has Gayatri’s jewelry. They confront her. Shilpa gets tensed to answer them. Rajveer and Yashpal get angry on Shilpa. Shilpa gets badly caught. Yashpal learns Shilpa has sold Durga’s dreams to Gayatri. The entire family gets upset with Shilpa. Durga is sure that Sanjay’s love for her will get revived in a month’s time. Sanjay tells Durga that he loves her. He acts to make her realize that her dream will never turn true. Sanjay’s hatred hurts Durga. Gayatri witnesses Sanjay and Durga’s fight. Durga is sure that Sanjay still loves her. Yashpal goes to confront Gayatri about cheating them.


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