Naira to secure Suwarna’s place in Yeh Rishta…


Manish asks Suwarna to leave from his house. The situation gets worse. Suwarna loves her family a lot. When the family asks her to leave, she decides to leave so that they stay happy. Suwarna meets everyone and gets leaving from the house. She sheds tears recalling her happy time and relations in Goenka house. Suwarna expects Manish to say something and stop her. She looks at him with hopeful eyes. Kartik and Naira cry for Suwarna. Kirti tries to explain Manish. Manish asks them not to give him any sense. Naira asks Kartik not to talk to Manish. Naksh asks Manish to just understand the two sides of the story, what’s right and what’s wrong. Naira says we will also do what we want. She goes and packs Suwarna’s bags. She bids farewell to Suwarna.

Suwarna doesn’t want anyone to get hurt by her presence. Aryan ignites fire in the happy family. Manish and Aryan stay unaffected with her leaving. Kartik and Naira support Suwarna. Manish controls his emotions. He loves Suwarna a lot. Naira tells Suwarna that Manish is angry right now, but his anger will soon get down, he will ask her to come back. Naira doesn’t want the family to shatter. Kartik and Naira are trying their best to keep the family together.


Aryan has seen bad days since childhood. He has lived a poor life because of Suwarna’s decision. He doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna. Manish changes his mind and then stops Suwarna. He tells Kartik that Suwarna will not leave from the house, he doesn’t want anyone to interfere in their relation, even if their relation is not like before. Kartik and Naira’s efforts pay off. They knew Manish loves Suwarna and he will not let her go away. They know Suwarna made a big sacrifice for Kartik and Kirti’s happiness.

Kartik is happy that even if the relations got annoyance, there is still love conquering all the bitter emotions. Naira solves Suwarna’s problem. Aryan comes up with a new drama. He answers Naira’s phone. Naira tells him that its not good manners to answer anyone’s phone. Aryan tells her that he understood her well, he didn’t get raised in a big house, he was born in a big family and even then he was raised in a small village house. Aryan is much hurt, but wants to do more drama in front of Manish to provoke him. Manish sees Aryan’s suffering and turns upset with Naira.


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