Tia makes an entry with revived hatred in Ishqbaaz


Jhanvi feels Shivay is in big trouble. She tells Tej that Shwetlana may have forced Shivay for this decision. Tej doesn’t think Shwetlana has blackmailed Shivay. He tells Jhanvi that Shivay has ruined his sons’ future by winning their trust. Jhanvi feels Shivay can never hide any truth from Omkara. She calls Omkara to inform him. Omkara tells him that he trusts Shivay and knows he can never take any wrong decision. Tej feels his sons are big fools to still be blind in Shivay’s love. He goes to confront Shivay. Gauri also shows her belief in Shivay. She tells Tej that there will be some reason behind Shivay’s decision. Tej doesn’t believe Shivay. Pinky and Anika support Shivay.

Pinky and Tej get into a heated argument over the business stakes for their sons. The family sees a worse time. Tej and Pinky remind each other’s crimes and stain their names. The fight gets on increasing. Shivay feels his decision has hurt everyone. He apologizes to Tej. He tells Tej that he will rectify his mistake. He asks Tej to trust him one last time.

Tej doesn’t trust Shivay. Jhanvi shows her belief in Shivay. Shivay swears to Jhanvi that he will never let anything wrong happen with his brothers. He is ready to pay any price to set everything fine. Jhanvi gets relieved by his word. Shwetlana plans her second move. She plants Tia in Shivay’s life. Shivay doesn’t want his family to break. He accidentally hits Tia. He worries for her and gets her home. The family learns about the accident. They gets surprised seeing Tia.


Shivay tells them about the accident. Tia does a drama that she has lost her eyesight. The family gets a shock seeing Tia’s pain. Tia demands to know who is the person responsible for her state. Shivay admits that he is the one responsible. She tells him about her divorce with Robin. Shivay and Anika support Tia and give her a shelter. They let Tia stay with them till she recovers. Tia makes a place in Oberoi mansion.

Shwetlana brainwashes Tia. She reminds Tia their revenge motives. She gets Tia on board in her mission to ruin the Oberois. The sisters get together and gain strength from their hatred. Shivay tries to get the mills footage to know the truth. Shwetlana starts handling Shivay as her personal puppet. She reminds him that they are business partners now. Shivay gets angry on her increasing demands. He asks her to get out of his sight. Shwetlana tries to anger all the men in the Oberoi family. She instigates Tej against Shivay. Tej doesn’t fall in her words. She tries much to use Tej in her motives to break the family.


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