Chakor’s merry mirage to shatter in Udaan


Imli rules in Aazaadgunj. She spreads the sorrow in the villahe. Chakor gets happy knowing a marriage is happening in the village. She finds everyone upset. Chakor doesn’t learn about Suraj’s whereabouts. No one answers her about Suraj and just diverts her attention. Chakor finds the would be bride Kusum unhappy. She tries to know the reason behind her tears. Kusum doesn’t reveal anything to her and runs off to the village well. In no time, she jumps into the well and commits suicide, right in front of Chakor.

Chakor gets a huge shock seeing someone giving her life. She tries to know the reason from the villagers. The villagers tell Chakor that Imli is ruining their lives. Bhuvan and Kasturi break the truth to Chakor that Imli has made Aazaadgunj a hell. They tell Chakor that Imli is responsible for Kusum’s suicide. Chakor doesn’t understand what they mean to say. Bhuvan and Kasturi then reveal to Chakor about Imli’s evil behavior. Chakor gets into disbelief and thinks of meeting Imli to get an answer.

Imli does a havan and prays to Mahadev. Chakor comes to the haveli to confront Imli. Imli takes Bhaiya ji’s place. The goons stop Chakor from meeting Imli. Imli gets a new avatar. She looks evil with her rude attitude. Imli has become a minister and succeeded in her motives. The people fall in Imli’s feet. Imli always wanted to rule in the village, she wanted the people to get scared of her. She doesn’t let anyone insult her. Chakor doesn’t get permission to get inside the haveli. Imli gets informed that Chakor has come. She asks the goons to let her come.

Chakor enters the haveli after a long time. She gets saddened when she finds her statue tied up by chains. She wonders who has done this. She then learns Imli’s bitterness for her. Imli admits that she hates Chakor and have tied her statue to limit her freedom dreams. Imli learns about Kusum’s suicide. She gets thinking of a solution to answer the client. Everyone tries to hide their young daughters from the sight of Ranvijay and Imli. Imli gets to see Kumud.

She decides to get a teenage girl Kumud married to Kusum’s would be husband. Imli shocks the villagers with her decision. She forces Kumud to marry the elderly man. Kumud refuses to agree to her. Ranvijay makes an entry as Imli’s husband, shocking Chakor the most. Chakor tries to understand why Imli has married Ranvijay. Imli and Ranvijay get together and warn Kumud to accept their order. Ranvijay asks Kumud to cooperate with them for the sake of her family. He threatens to burn her alive. Kumud’s parents beg him to leave Kumud. Chakor gets moved seeing Ranvijay and Imli’s evil. Chakor will be having a clash with the evil duo.


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