Emotional moment for Bhanushalis in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni gets leaving from Bhanushali family. Everyone takes pictures with Teni, so that they can have memories of the day. Parth stays away from her. Dada ji gives a cheque of ten lakhs to Teni as promised to her. Teni doesn’t take the cheque and tells them that their love is more important than money. Teni feels happy that she has won their trust and love. She asks Dada ji to just give his blessings, which will help her follow the right path in her life. Teni’s words make them feel proud of her. The family wishes the baby to have good values of Shorvori, Parth and Teni too. They all bid farewell to Teni with much respect. Teni gets too emotional to part away.

Dada ji thanks her for bringing happiness in their house. Teni acts to show them that she is happy. She hides a storm of sorrow in her heart. Indu too smiles for Teni’s happiness. She calls Parth for the family picture. They take a picture of Parth and Teni too. Teni tries to crack jokes and make them smile. She bonds with everyone well. Teni leaves from the house and sheds tears. She has much pain to get away from her daughter and Parth. Indu sees Teni crying. She knows Parth has misunderstandings about Teni. She wishes Parth’s mind gets clear about Teni. Teni is helpless and leaves the house unwillingly.


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