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Sasural Simar Ka:
Pari does a big drama. Mata ji slaps Pari. Pari says I will do what I want, its my life. Pari falls back and gets tied up by the curtains. Everyone rushes to help Pari. Pari refuses to do aarti with Mata ji. She says I will do puja with everyone, except Mata ji. Mata asks are you in your senses. Pari argues with her. Mata ji and everyone then take care of Pari, finding her falling short of breath. Pari gets scared seeing Mata ji and shouts for help. She asks them to save her from Mata ji. She says Mata ji will kill me. Everyone wonders what happened to Pari. Pari has seen something in the box. She is running for her life. Mata ji is also involved in the mystery. Pari wants to stay away from Mata ji. Pari will be rising the drama at home.

Satya has a bet with his friends that he will make Susheel fall for him. He makes a plan to strike her heart by competing with her. Satya and Susheel challenge each other for the basketball match. They both taunt each other and play the match. Susheel wins the match and proves out to be better than him. Satya plans to lose the match to win her heart, so that he can break her heart and teach her a lesson. Satya gets flirting with her, leaving her stunned.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan and Diya’s drama will bring their romance. Their love journey will really begin while they act to expose their enemies. Ratan holds Diya’s hands and takes her to make a big announcement. He supports Diya and shocks the family. Diya will be turning into Ratan’s wife. Ratan announces his marriage with Diya. He tells the family that he will be getting engaged to Diya soon. He tells them that he will be naming Kesar Mahal, business and all the property to Diya as a token of love. The family gets a big shock knowing Diya will be getting everything on her name. Diya has planned this drama to know who is the most affected one by this decision. Chote Thakur gets crying in shock. Ratan asks him what happened to him, his engagement news should be a happy one for them.

Laado 2:
Anushka and Yuvraaj reach the jungle to find Revati’s culprit Sheru. A girl hits Anushka and passes by. Anushka gets doubtful about her. Anushka tells him that she has seen the cycle, its of Revati. They realize it was Revati. They try to follow Revati. Amma ji meets Anushka in the jungle. Amma ji gets angry seeing her with Yuvraaj. She asks Anushka why did she lie to her. She scolds Anushka. Yuvraaj didn’t expect they will come across Amma ji. Amma ji asks Anushka to come with her and informs that Revati has reached her house safely.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni gets leaving from Bhanushali family. Everyone takes pictures with Teni, so that they can have memories of the day. Parth stays away from her. Dada ji thanks her for bringing happiness in their house. Teni acts to show them that she is happy. She hides a storm of sorrow in her heart. Indu too smiles for Teni’s happiness. She calls Parth for the family picture. They take a picture of Parth and Teni too. Teni tries to crack jokes and make them smile. She bonds with everyone well. Teni leaves from the house and sheds tears. She has much pain to get away from her daughter and Parth. Indu sees Teni crying. She knows Parth has misunderstandings about Teni. She wishes Parth’s mind gets clear about Teni. Teni is helpless and leaves the house unwillingly.


Shivay calls a press conference. He has to do a special announcement, which can create chaos in the house. Shivay addresses the media and tells about his important announcement about Oberoi empire. He knows this can break the family relations. He reveals about the partnership with Shwetlana. He doesn’t get back from breaking the family’s hearts so that he can save them from upcoming problems.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:
Raavi tells the family that Rishi’s mum was the one who tried to ruin her respect in front of the chawl. She tells them that she has the proof for her allegations. She tells them that Rishi’s mum has planned everything, along with Kaki. Raavi decides to leave from the house. She can’t bear hatred from Rishi’s mum. Rishi supports Raavi in all her decisions. He feels sorrowful that Raavi’s respect was at stake because of his mum. He apologizes to Raavi on his mum’s behalf.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh can’t tolerate his mother’s insult publicly. Akhilesh tells everyone that his dad is in city, away from them, just to earn a living and manage their family. He is very much connected to his dad. His mum fails to prove her marriage to the village. The villagers stop her from conducting the puja. Akhilesh angrily breaks off the Vatsavitri puja tree and announces that the day will be remembered forever as the tree will be going to his house courtyard for his mum to complete the puja with all the pride. Akhilesh stuns the villagers by dragging the huge tree on his back to his house. Akhilesh makes his mum feel proud of him. He proves out to be an ideal son.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita and Raman arrive at the award ceremony. She tells everyone that this time she has someone special in her life. She makes Raman her lucky charm, so that she doesn’t fall lonely. Ishita plans to shock Simmi by getting Pihu from boarding. Ishita makes sure Raman wins the award for the best CEO. She hopes Raman will recall his past when a similar incident is replayed in front of him. Simmi and Parmeet get worried knowing Raman has stopped his medication.

Piyaa Albela:
Neelima blames Pooja for hurting him. Naren lies to everyone and tells them that he has fallen from the stairs. Pooja is much annoyed with him. She is not getting convinced with anything. She doesn’t understand Naren’s helplessness. Pooja thinks Naren has broken his promises and fooled her. She tells him that she will return to Harish’s house. Naren doesn’t want Pooja to get away. Naren deals with much patience. He has got Pooja after much difficulty. Pooja is his wife now and he is ready to go to any extent to make her fine.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep is trying to please Aarohi. He gets a special guest home. Aarohi gets much happy seeing her little nephew Miku. Deep gives her a surprise. She gets stress-free meeting Miku. She takes care of the boy and gets diverted from the tensions. Deep tells her that Miku has come for him, not for her. He pulls Aarohi’s leg and takes Miku with him to play video games. Miku gets scared seeing Prithvi. Aarohi asks him is he fine, what happened. He tells her that he feels scared of Prithvi, he is very bad, he will catch her again. He tells Aarohi that Prithvi is the one who has hurt him before. Aarohi says maybe that man was someone else. She calls the doctor to get this confirmed. She gets to know Prithvi’s lie.


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