Ishita to reconnect Pihu with the family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita decides to take Pihu home. She faces difficulty by the school authorities, who believe Ishita is not suitable to meet Pihu. Simmi doesn’t want Ishita to meet Pihu. Ishita scares the authorities about the media and gets permission to meet Pihu. Ishita meets Pihu, who breaks into tears on seeing her. Ishita tells her that she has decided to take her home, where she actually belongs. She tries to make Pihu happy. Pihu gets scared of facing Simmi. Ishita assures that she will always be with her. Ishita plans to take Pihu in the award function. She gifts her a pretty dress for the function. Ishita asks Pihu not to have any fears in mind.

The family wishes Raman wins the best CEO award, as they believe Raman is the best. There is much excitement at home. Raman gets angry seeing the family planning so much. He stays in stress. He doesn’t want Ishita to win. The family encourages him. Raman gets confident that the award just belongs to him. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer compete in dressing up. They both try to outdo each other. Ishita gets Pihu home. She is sure Pihu will get fine with the family love.


Everyone gathers at the award function. Media talks about Raman and Ishita’s challenge. Ishita arrives with Pihu, which shocks the entire Bhalla family. Raman sees Pihu and recalls Ruhi. Simmi gets angry seeing Pihu back. Raman asks Romi about Pihu. He recalls that Pihu is his daughter. Simmi gets another reason to worry. Ishita replays their old moments to make Raman recall their relation. Ishita gives her vote to Raman, to make him win the best CEO award. Unfortunately, Raman suffers because of the pills. His state worsens and dips the family’s happiness.


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