Shakti: Time to bid a farewell to Mohini

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Soumya has kept a surprise party. She makes a plan to make Mohini out of the village. Harak and Mohini fall in trouble when the villagers support Preeto. Surbhi, Soumya and entire family support Preeto. They want to get justice for Preeto. Preeto wants her relation with Harak to get fine. She asks Mohini to leave from the house. Soumya asks Preeto to keep her cool, as they have to end the drama in a proper way. Preeto stayed in kinners house and won Harman and Soumya’s trust. Soumya and Surbhi keep a surprise party for everyone. Preeto thanks the villagers for coming. She tells them that she knows Harak was right. She says Harak has promised me that he will make Mohini leave from the house if I return, so I have come back on my son’s saying.

Mohini tells Harak that they all are saying right, he has called her so that his son can come back and now his son is here, so she should leave. The family planned this to confront Harak in front of all the villagers, so that he couldn’t refuse to them. They want Harak’s love for Mohini to end. Soumya tells everyone that now Harman has returned home, so they need Mohini any more. They connect to the villagers to get their help.

Harak gets stuck. Surbhi asks Harak to make Mohini leave, as she is the reason for all the misunderstandings. Harak tries to calm the villagers. He praises Mohini for helping them in getting his son back. He says we should make her part of this party also, she is the medium for our happiness. He says I have a small request, if you all allow this, it will be good, I want Mohini to stay here till morning, she can leave in morning. Soumya tells Harak that Mohini can stay here at night, its Mohini who brought Harman and Preeto together, we are thankful to her, we want the villagers to gather here in the morning and bid a farewell to Mohini with love. She asks the villagers to be with them on time. Harak gets worried that he has to send Mohini in front of the villagers. The people ask Mohini not to take advantage of Harak and his family’s big heart. Mohini agrees to leave, being left with no option.


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