Anami and Satrupa to get together in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami looks for Lakshya and misses to see him taken away by Purushottam. She asks Satrupa about him. Satrupa learns Lakshya is missing. Anami breaks down in worry. She wishes he comes back. Sudha thinks Anami has learnt a lesson. Purushottam ties up Lakshya in an isolated place. He warns Lakshya against acting smart. He keeps him captive. Anami misses Lakshya. Satrupa assures that she will find Lakshya. Narottam gets to know about Lakshya. Sudha sees everyone desperately finding Lakshya.

She calls up Purushottam and asks him to stay alert, Lakshya should never come back home. Purushottam assures her that no one can find Lakshya. Anami takes the family along and looks for her little brother. Narottam too helps her. Pujan, Kamini and Avdhoot are happy that Lakshya is gone away on his own. Sudha and Purushottam feel its risky to keep Lakshya in the city, as Adhiraj got into the matter. Sudha asks him to kill Lakshya and get rid of him. Anami shatters thinking she has lost Lakshya.

She starts venting anger on Satrupa. She tells Satrupa that its because of her that Lakshya has gone by getting annoyed with her. She blames Satrupa for the incident. Satrupa asks her to control her emotions. Anami begs them to find Lakshya, else she can’t survive without him. Satrupa understands her pain. She tells Anami that she will surely get Anami. Anami bends in front of her for the first time. Satrupa gets surprised seeing Anami bonding. Anami promises to do anything for her and become her slave, just for Lakshya’s sake. Satrupa promises that Lakshya will return home safely. Adhiraj, Anami and Satrupa get clues and find out that Lakshya is kidnapped.


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