Ratan makes a love confession in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Diya tries to expose imposter

Ratan gives a surprise to Diya. He compliments her beauty. He tells her that she looks pretty when she is angry. He is mistaken that Diya loves him. He tries to get her marriage fixed with someone else. Diya clears his misunderstanding that she has no interest in him. He tells his flaws to change her mind. She finds him very immature and foolish.

Ratan tells Diya that he is in love with her. He says the three magical words. Ratan’s I love you shocks Diya. Diya asks him why is he acting when no one is around. He says its not any strategy, its just them. She says I have many problems in my life, don’t increase my problems. Ratan doesn’t let her go away. He tells her that he has realized his feelings when he lifted her and took her to the temple by walking on the stairs.

She asks him what is he saying. He tells her that you maybe not believing me. He acts to commit suicide. Diya stops him and asks did he go mad. Ratan’s intense emotions makes her worried. He tells her that he is saying true, he has suppressed his feelings since long. She asks him to forget everything. He says I can’t live without you. Ratan then bursts into laughter. He tells her that he has played a prank on her, enemy’s planning may not make her worry, but his acting has made her worried. He says even if you are the last girl in this world, I will not fall in love with you, trust me. He apologizes to her.


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