Aryan gets a hearty acceptance by Goenkas in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: A heavy blow for Goenka family

Kartik defends Suwarna in front of Manish and entire family. He tells Manish that Suwarna has lied and hidden the big truth just for him. Naira tells them that Suwarna has also gone through a big sorrow by parting her son away. Aryan scolds Kartik for supporting Suwarna on knowing she has done injustice for him. He asks Kartik how can Suwarna do injustice with an innocent child. He feels she has left him and made his life worse. Kartik asks Aryan to get anger out on him. Dadi doesn’t want Kartik to take the responsibility of Suwarna’s mistakes. Dadi doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna. Suwarna begs them to forgive her. She breaks down when the family opposes her. Suwarna gets misunderstood by the family.

Dadi blames her for giving a poor life to a Goenka son. Kartik tells Dadi that he is the cause of all the problems. Manish can’t tolerate anything more. He asks Suwarna to get out of his sight. He tells her that his life has no place for her now. Kartik takes a stand for her. He tells them that Naira and he will go along Suwarna and leave the house together. Manish tells him that its his big mistake to support Suwarna.

Kartik wants to fight for Suwarna’s rights. He knows Manish will not let them leave as he dearly loves him. Aryan gets glad to have his father by his side. Kartik and Naira console Suwarna. Naira asks them to be strong. Kartik hugs Suwarna and sheds tears. Manish apologizes to Aryan for all his sorrow and struggles. He hugs Aryan and cries. Aryan gets Manish’s love for the first time. The family celebrates Aryan’s return. Manish promises to set everything fine for him. Aryan gets blessings by Dadi. He gets many relations. Kartik decides to get away from everyone. He apologizes to Suwarna for all the bitterness. He feels guilty. He thinks his hatred and anger for her made her take this step to part away her son. Suwarna forgives Kartik. They have an emotional moment.


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