KaiRa to plan Manish-Suwarna’s anniversary in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira are very lucky to have true love in their lives. Naira showers him with hugs and kisses. Kartik gets delighted. They get a cute moment. Kartik sends Lav and Kush to talk to Aryan. He wants Aryan to feel comfortable at home. Kartik feels Aryan’s anger is justified. He tries to mend his relations with Aryan. Aryan prefers to avoid Kartik. Naira asks Kartik to give some time to Aryan and not force the relation. Kartik decides to go office and lessen stress. Aryan too plans to get his share in the business. Aryan’s anger doesn’t get down. He thinks of making Kartik out of Manish’s heart.

Naira suggests they should celebrate Manish and Suwarna’s anniversary to bring them close. Dadi gets angry on Naira’s suggestion. Akhilesh too doesn’t get convinced. He doesn’t want to hurt Manish by forcing their decisions. Manish doesn’t want Suwarna to stay at home. Kartik and Naira stopped Suwarna from leaving the house.

They know Manish loves Suwarna, but is upset with her. Naira is determined to end Suwarna’s problem. Meanwhile, Naira’s friend Sakshi comes to meet her. She shares her problem with Naira. Naira tells her that she will deal with Raghav. Kartik hears Sakshi and Naira’s conversation about Raghav. He wonders what is Naira hiding. Naira meets Raghav and threatens him to stay away. Kartik sees them and gets mistaken. Raghav doesn’t listen to her and keeps calling her repeatedly. Naira thinks of sharing the problem with Kartik. New problems will arise between Kartik and Naira because of Raghav.


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