Chakor to learn reason behind Suraj’s memory loss in Udaan


Chakor learns Suraj has lost his memory. The flashback scene will show how Suraj has ill treated by Imli and Ranvijay. Suraj opposes Ranvijay on seeing him in the haveli. He was going to expose Imli’s black deeds. He threatens Imli and asks her to leave from his haveli. Ranvijay gets freed from jail by Imli’s help. He thanks her for helping him. He tells Imli that he will counter her enemies and pay for her favors. Ranvijay hits Suraj’s head and faints him. Suraj loses his memory post the fatal attack.

Imli then marries Ranvijay to get a loyal crime partner. Pakhi witnesses the attack on Suraj. Pakhi will be revealing the entire past to Chakor. Chakor traces Pakhi. Pakhi tells her how Suraj lost his memory. Chakor feels hurt knowing Suraj was tortured by Imli and Ranvijay. Chakor determines to get Suraj’s memory back and then fight with Imli.


Chakor meets Suraj at the haveli. He has changed completely. He asks Chakor to leave, else he will not leave her. Chakor sees Suraj torturing the villagers on Imli’s orders. She stops him from hurting people. They have a moment. Suraj feels connected to her. His ill behavior upsets her. She asks him does he not have any humanity. Suraj asks her to back off, else he will not control himself from hurting her. He has become Imli’s slave. He has lost his mind along with memory. Imli is taking advantage of him. She asks him to teach a lesson to Chakor. Chakor’s attempts fail. He doesn’t remember her. Chakor aims to get Suraj back.


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