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Tu Aashiqui: JD tries to scare Pankti. Ahaan reaches her and makes JD away. Ahaan asks him to have some shame and free Pankti. JD asks Ahaan to get ten crores and then free Pankti from him. Ahaan swears to free Pankti from him. JD asks him to remember the important condition and pay money within ten days. He tries to make things tougher for Ahaan. Ahaan tells him that he will pay him money very soon. JD tells Pankti that Ahaan is buying her from him. He asks her if she will be happy with her new buyer. Ahaan says I m not buying her, but her freedom.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan follows Diya. Diya asks him why is he following her. Diya gets attacked by Ratan’s enemy. A chandelier falls on her. Ratan was trying to protect her. Abhay reaches her in time and pulls her away to save her life. Diya sees someone fleeing. She runs after the man to catch him. She misses to nab him. Ratan worries for her. Yash takes charge of the situation. Yash gets extra security for Diya and Ratan. Diya’s lover Abhay returns in her life. Abhay introduces himself to Ratan. Ratan gets disappointed knowing Abhay was going to marry Diya. Ratan gets in dilemma. Abhay does the aid to Diya’s wound. Abhay loves Diya a lot. He has been waiting for her for 12 years. He was hoping that after Diya’s protector job ends, he can marry her. Abhay takes care of Diya. Ratan feels sided. Abhay has come to take Diya back.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Lakshya accuses Aarohi and shows her the proof he has against her. He shows the video by which Aarohi will be proved a culprit. Deep sees his plan working, but finds himself worried. Deep saves Aarohi. He asks Lakshya to get concrete proof against Aarohi. He takes Aarohi with him. Deep can’t see Aarohi caught for Tara’s crimes. He has fallen in love with Aarohi and protects her. Aarohi has seen Tara. She tells everything to Deep, who doesn’t believe her. Aarohi meets her brother and reveals the truth. Even he can’t believe her words. Aarohi determines to expose Tara. She makes a plan. Aarohi sees Tara in the market and calls her brother. Tara dons Aarohi’s look to roam freely. Aarohi and her brother see Tara and make a recording. They spot Tara talking to Bhabhi. Her brother can’t believe seeing Aarohi’s lookalike. Bhabhi also understands its Tara, not Aarohi. She tries to not let Tara doubt on her. Tara understands she is falling in some trap, when Bhabhi acts weird. Tara flees from there. Prithvi keeps an eye on Aarohi. He wants to stop her from revealing Tara’s truth.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer buys a new car. Sanjana likes the car, She asks Sameer to come for long drive, she will be driving today. Sameer loves his car a lot. He doesn’t want Sanjana to damage the car. He gets possessive and acts of stomach ache to avoid the drive. Sanjana gets adamant for the drive. She understands his drama and takes him for the long drive. On the other hand, Pari falls in trouble. She slips down the stairs. She screams for help. Simar has the magical box when she sees Pari falling. She keeps the box aside.

Laado 2:
Amma ji cuts the power line of Balwant’s house. She wants to teach him a lesson. Anushka and Yuvraaj learn Mannu is a witness of Jhanvi’s murder. Anushka sees Mannu and then loses track of him. She finds a ray of hope. She tries to get help from Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj reaches her. she worries for him, seeing him hurt. He worries for her safety. She tells him that she has seen Mannu, he can tell them about the culprits. He asks why did you not catch him. She says I lost him, we have to meet Mannu. They leave to find the little boy Mannu. Ranveer hears Anushka’s plans and informs Rantej. Ranveer thinks Yuvraaj will not leave them if he knows the truth. Anushka and Yuvraaj’s bond more. Amma ji is not happy seeing Yuvraaj bonding with Anushka.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma Shankar’s Haldi ceremony will be seen. Uma is marrying Paulmi. Kanak becomes part of the function. She sees Uma and Paulmi’s union. She is hopeful that Uma will break the marriage and come back to her. Paulmi shows attitude to Kanak, as she has won her love finally. Maasi has played this plan. She has kept Ved and Payal’s marriage along. Kanak and Uma have an argument. Uma snatches mangalsutra from her. The mangalsutra doesn’t part away from Kanak. Uma and Kanak have a romantic moment. Uma wishes to tell Kanak that he loves her, but thinks of their divorce decision.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira gets angry on Vijay and Bulbul’s engagement. She throws the engagement ring. She breaks things around and vents out her frustration. She can’t see Vijay getting close to Bulbul.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Tejaswini is trying to manage house and office duties well. Preeti sees Tejaswini mastering her work. She creates hurdles for Tejaswini. Prem comes to support Tejaswini.

Mohini commands everyone in the house. She asks Shanno to do a hair champi and sing for her. She asks Raavi and Balwinder to get money, then they will get food. She says useless people will not get anything here. Raavi asks Balwinder to get money from his boss and throw on Mohini’s face. She feels insulted by Mohini. She tells him that she will not have food till he gets money. Harak tells Raavi that he will support Mohini, they can’t do anything. He thanks Mohini. He says I couldn’t tell this thing to Raavi till now, its good Mohini is giving sense to Raavi. Raavi and Mohini have a cat fight. Raavi doesn’t give up so soon.

Woh Apna Sa:
Chirag doesn’t want Nisha and Arjun to marry. He opposes Nisha and prepares a noose to commit suicide. He tells Nisha that he will never accept Arjun. He understands Nisha is doing this to get Aditya’s property. He hates Nisha for falling so low. He thinks this is happening because of Jia and aims revenge.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja goes with Kusum and Anuj. Naren fights with Anuj and stops him from taking Pooja. Pooja stops their fight. She tells Naren that its her decision to go with her family. Naren doesn’t want her to leave. Naren doubts on Kusum’s intentions. He knows Kusum doesn’t like Pooja.


Chakor learns Suraj has lost his memory. The flashback scene will show how Suraj has ill treated by Imli and Ranvijay. Suraj opposes Ranvijay on seeing him in the haveli. He was going to expose Imli’s black deeds. He threatens Imli and asks her to leave from his haveli. Ranvijay gets freed from jail by Imli’s help. He thanks her for helping him. He tells Imli that he will counter her enemies and pay for her favors. Ranvijay hits Suraj’s head and faints him. Suraj loses his memory post the fatal attack. Imli then marries Ranvijay to get a loyal crime partner. Pakhi witnesses the attack on Suraj. Pakhi will be revealing the entire past to Chakor. Chakor traces Pakhi. Pakhi tells her how Suraj lost his memory. Chakor feels hurt knowing Suraj was tortured by Imli and Ranvijay. Chakor determines to get Suraj’s memory back and then fight with Imli.


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