Piyaa Albela: Pooja to test Naren’s patience


Mr. Kapoor meets Pooja and fools her. Naren looks for Pooja everywhere. Mr. Kapoor makes her dress in a burqa and tries to hide her identity from everyone. He tells her that its a fancy dress competition. People think Naren is teasing some girls and beat him. Pooja sees Naren in trouble and shouts to help him. Naren gets glad seeing her. He fails to see the man who was taking her. Naren saves Pooja from Mr. Kapoor. She gets stubborn that she wants to meet Harish. He is helpless. He is losing his patience. He scolds Pooja, but stays her friend. Pooja tells him that the old man is her friend and was taking her to Harish.

Naren doesn’t let her go. Naren tells her that Harish is not here. He gets angry on her. Her madness drives him crazy. He is hurt seeing her state. He controls him. Naren locks her in the room. He feels bad to do this. The family hears Pooja screaming and come to see what’s happening.


Naren tells them that Pooja is getting stubborn to meet Harish. Rahul and Surbhi make a plan to scare Pooja as ghost. Pooja gets scared seeing Surbhi dressed as a ghost. She really thinks a ghost is in front of her. Pooja falls down and gets hurt. Naren worries seeing Pooja’s shivering state. He is tensed as his responsibility is getting tough. He is experiencing new things while managing Pooja. Naren doesn’t know Mr. Kapoor has come in disguise to take Pooja with him. Mr. Kapoor wants to take her to America with him, by taking advantage of her memory wiped out state.


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