Sasural Simar Ka: Mystery of the secret box revealed!!


Sameer buys a new car. Sanjana likes the car, She asks Sameer to come for long drive, she will be driving today. Sameer loves his car a lot. He doesn’t want Sanjana to damage the car. He gets possessive and acts of stomach ache to avoid the drive. Sanjana gets adamant for the drive. She understands his drama and takes him for the long drive. On the other hand, Pari falls in trouble. She slips down the stairs. She screams for help. Simar has the magical box when she sees Pari falling. She keeps the box aside.

Simar comes to help her. Pari fakes a leg sprain. Simar asks her not to worry, she will get a balm. Pari asks her not to go anywhere. Roshni gets the secret box kept there. She sees something inside and gets a huge shock. Pari asks Roshni did she see the secret hidden in the box. She asks Roshni did she see how Mata ji is going to kill her. The box has magical crystal which shows the horrifying future to people.

Pari sees her death by Mata ji’s hands in the crystal. Roshni sees something horrifying related to her. She sees Piyush having an affair with some woman and killing Roshni. She gets speechless. Pari asks Roshni what did she see. Roshni doesn’t tell her anything. The magical box will involve everyone by showing some terrific thing related to them, so that the people get started to verify their future links. The box will break relations and the shatter the family apart. Simar didn’t wish anyone to get scared by seeing the box’s inside. Pari and Roshni get together to know the mysterious truth of the box.


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