Shagun turns sharper to catch the mysterious enemy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

Ruhi reveals to Raman and Ishita that Pihu is kidnapped. They get shocked seeing the kidnapping footage. Simmi accuses Ishita for the kidnapping. Ishita asks them to find Pihu than blaming her. Raman assures everyone that he will find Pihu. The mysterious kidnapper ties up Pihu. He sends Pihu’s kidnapping footage to hurt the family. Raman doesn’t know who can do this. Ishita and Raman contact police to get help. Simmi tells inspector that Ishita has kidnapped Pihu. Ishita controls her anger in front of Raman. She slaps Simmi and scolds her for using this moment and accusing her. She tells Simmi that she can’t make Raman against her. She asks Simmi to put her enmity aside. She warns Simmi against playing dirty games.

Ishita gets a shocking footage from the kidnapper and faints down. Ishita gets a bad dream about Pihu. Ishita gets restless and panicking to see Pihu fine. Raman doesn’t know Ishita’s relation with Pihu. He understands that Ishita loves Pihu a lot. He assures that he will get Pihu back to her. Ishita asks him to get Pihu safely.

Pihu’s state gets worse. Police tries to trace Pihu. Ishita doesn’t know what the kidnapper wants. They don’t get any ransom call. The kidnapper just sends them videos to hurt the family’s sentiments. The family wonders who is doing this. Shagun insists Ishita to take medicines and stay fine, as they have to find Pihu. Shagun feels bad seeing Ishita’s shattering state. She tries to find some clues, by which they can trace Pihu. Shagun tells inspector that the bracelet can make them track the kidnapper. She helps police in a way. She asks Ishita to be strong, they can find Pihu soon. Ishita also turns spying. Shagun helps Ishita in finding Pihu. Simmi doesn’t want Pihu to come back. She wants her revenge to get accomplished.



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