Vidyut outdoes Avni by kidnapping Mishti in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni make a plan to expose Juhi. Avni makes a backup plan to save Mishti. Ali asks her not to break laws. Avni tells him that she can’t risk Mishti’s life, when she knows Juhi and Vidyut can do anything. She asks him to book her tickets, as she is ready to run away with Mishti and break laws, if Neil’s plan fails. She tells Ali that she has not told anything to Neil knowing he will not understand her. Ali promises to support her. Shweta, Neela and Prakash do a drama in front of Juhi. Shweta indirectly threatens Juhi. Juhi gets worried. Neela begs them to stop the marriage and not give Avni’s place to Juhi.

Shweta and Prakash tell her that Neil has decided to marry Juhi. Neela tells them that she will not let Juhi take Avni’s place at any cost. She threatens to commit suicide. Shweta tells her that they are helpless as Mishti is Neil’s daughter. Neela fights for Avni’s rights. Neela tells them that she will commit suicide and send Juhi to jail. She tells them that Juhi is responsible for this, and she has left a suicide note as well. Shweta and Prakash ask Juhi not to worry, as nothing can happen to her, since they have paternity test reports stating Mishti is Neil’s daughter. Juhi gets scared of going jail and admits that Mishti is not Neil’s daughter. Neil confronts her for lying to him.


Vidyut stays busy by Avni’s plan. Vidyut learns Avni has fooled him by scaring about his mum. Avni tells him that she understands his plan, how he has used his childhood against her. Vidyut threatens to end the game his way. He gets more raging for revenge. He doesn’t take his defeat by Avni.

Neil scolds Juhi for falling so low and lying to him about Mishti, who is actually Vidyut’s daughter. He is ashamed to love her before. Juhi tries to justify herself. Neil asks her how can she get so selfish and ruin someone’s life for her greed. He hates her for crossing all the limits. The family scolds Juhi for trapping Neil and using Mishti. Neil tells Juhi that Neela has raised Avni on her own. He asks her to look at herself and her crimes. He arrests Juhi. He asks her to get lost from his life. Neil decides to inform Avni that their plan worked. The family decides to adopt Mishti. Vidyut kidnaps Mishti. He tells Avni that he will never let her win. He asks her to taste defeat now. Mishti cries for help. Avni hits Vidyut and fights with him for Mishti’s sake. She tries to protect Mishti from Vidyut and his goons. Vidyut manages to flee with Mishti.

Neil gets informed that Vidyut’s goons have attacked the police and got Juhi freed from them. He tells the family that Juhi has escaped. He assures them that he will get Mishti back. He contacts Avni to know about Mishti. He fails to track her. Avni runs after Vidyut’s car to save Mishti. Juhi contacts Vidyut and tells him how she has escaped from police. She seeks help from Vidyut. Vidyut scolds her for being useless. He asks her to manage herself, as he won’t come to help her. Juhi threatens to expose him and testify against him in the court. Avni fails to reach Mishti. Vidyut decides to frame Avni in Juhi’s murder blame.


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